Arnold Clark — Review

Arnold Clark — Review


Phone: 0141 648 1088

Address: 454 Hillington Road Glasgow, G52 4FH

Email: [email protected]

About Company:

Where are we now

Since the opening of our very first showroom, it’s been quite the journey! Today, Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd sells more than 300,000 cars a year and has locations stretching from Elgin to Southampton.

And we’re not done yet! Our aim is to grow, innovate and inspire while continuing to offer genuine value for money and provide customer service of the highest level. Let the journey continue…

  • Over 20,000 cars in stock
  • New cars from 28 different manufacturers
  • 193 dealerships
  • 160 Service Centres
  • 17 Accident Repair Centres
  • 14 Parts Centres
Arnold Clark — Review

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  1. Sold an electric vehical with faulty app can not use many of its functions because of this. So nice when selling you a car but don’t want to know once its out if the showroom.

  2. My sister bought a fiat spider arbrath ,after three weeks had a fault only a sensor but have had the car for five days ,said they are waiting vonbthe part coming and didn’t have the decency to give her a courtesy car after her spending a small fortune vwith them , absaloute discrace , stay away from Arnold Clark or should I say shark and the guy has a cheek to be called a Sir.

  3. Bought a 2017 car in 2021 car had missing trim, dangerously defective wipers, too much oil in it, failed MOT on work they should have completed before MOT, damaged my car, customer services are useless, service staff are incompetent, didn’t stamp my service book, called me a liar to my face, changed story 6 different times, ignored calls and emails, left me stranded 50 miles from home at rush hour, told me to drive my car home after they failed its MOT on work they should have done, incorrectly fitted parts, tried to charge me for work that should be covered under expensive extended warranty, rude staff, just an all round vile company that once they have your money have no interest in you! MISSION STATEMENT IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!

  4. Don’t be fooled that the year warranty means anything when you buy a car from this company. We told Arnold Clarke when we bought our car from them that the clutch seemed to be slipping. They agreed and told us to have it seen to within the year, and it woukd be fixed for free. Really? I don’t think so. We took a while to get it seen to, but within the year. Will they cover this? Of course not. Don’t be fooled. By all means buy a car from them, but don’t believe any faults will be covered. You might as well burn your warranty and save your energy.

  5. Avoid. Car aircon went 2mth after purchasing. Paid for a new compressor but it has never worked for more than 2mth at a time. It has been back in 4 times and they keep saying they can’t find what is wrong and keeps topping it up with coolant which drains and the car goes back in. Now they want over £300 again for a new aircon that they have never fixed in the first place. They are a definition of a big corporation taking money from hard working people and saying you can’t dl anything about it because we are bigger than you. It makes me sick.

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