AvailableCar — Review

AvailableCar — Review

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About Company:

A family business of over 20 years

At AvailableCar, we are a family owned and operated business established for 20 years. Our family values are at the heart of our business, and since opening our first Store in 2002 in Castle Donington, our family business has grown to become one of England’s largest and most successful used car retailers. 

Our unique approach, offering our Customers a hassle-free and relaxing but friendly and helpful car buying experience, and our wonderful Staff, have earned us our incredible reputation for outstanding customer service, and over 250,000 satisfied Customers to date.

AvailableCar — Review

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6 reviews to “AvailableCar — Review”

  1. Buying a new car isn’t one of the cheapest things in life – it’s next highest expense after buying a house and just ahead of a new kitchen in the expense list. After spending a long time choosing what car we wanted and then finding the right one to fit the bill we ended up at the Available Car showroom in Leeds and bought a car at the start of August. Over 4 months have passed since we bought our car and Available Car have failed on all fronts – every time a fault occurred and was returned for rectifying, we had new issues ALL CAUSED BY AVAILABLE CAR! We have has: Damaged engine tray – AC did not refit correctly Damaged bumper by screwing broken tray to it – done by AC workshop Damaged paintwork – from AC workshop Scratched window – incorrect refitting by AC Dent and pain damage – from AC workshop They have had the car for around 8 weeks of the time we have owned our car. They have agreed that this is all their doing, but hold firm in that as a family business they do not offer any compensation. Available Car agreed that they would swap the car – although are only offering the invoice value of the vehicle, which is a whole £4000 less than the equivalent car they are selling TODAY. What they want to do is to profit from their mistake and leave us out of pocket “trading in n” our car that we have never had a chance to drive because of their mistakes! I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. If we can’t get agreement on this this week we will be seeking legal advice. The worst! 0 / 5 STARS!!

  2. Following a visual inspection only (car still in the prep centre) we purchased a 16,000 mile 2018 Vauxhall Corsa GSi VX68 YSF with a generous options list. As the vehicle was such low mileage, being subject to a 78-point mechanical check and prepared to main dealer standards before collection we were confident so agreed to pay for the car in full before collection. The collection day test drive however revealed a car that had a misaligned steering wheel and pulled badly to the left. The car also felt mechanically much older than the 16,000 miles would suggest. Returning to the dealer was not a pleasant experience, we were spoken to in an unprofessional manner and when pushed the only explanation given was that the vehicle must have suffered some damage whilst being manoeuvred around the parking lot, the wheels were however unmarked. We were assured that a comprehensive inspection and road test had been completed prior to collection and that an MOT was completed so the car was all good. They agreed to try and fix this issue over the next week (we had absolutely zero confidence in them by this point) and we could make another 70+ mile round trip. No apology given or good will gesture offered apart from a ¼ of a tank of fuel so we declined and left upset and disappointed. After some research we are pretty sure the vehicle was a Vauxhall press car, this explains the high specification. A quick scan of the internet reveals VX68 YSF as being used by YouTubers #sidnorth corsa gsi for a hill climb event and a hand brake turn demonstration among other reviews. This probably explains why it feels so old for the mileage. Just want to make others aware of the appalling attitude demonstrated by the people we dealt with at Sutton-In-Ashfield but more importantly to approach this particular vehicle with caution. The 78-point check on this occasion was not enough to rectify a significant fault.

  3. Having paid over 11k for a 65 plate peugeot 2008 my sense that this company isn’t big on customer service started on collection, waiting over 45 mins before being seen and rushed out. Things got a lot worse once a problem was identified with the gear box in the car. No help, no responsibility accepted and overall ‘just how the car is’ and there’s nothing we can do. Not prepared to take it back. Attitude pretty poor. Definitely would not purchase from them again.

  4. Awful after sales if you have a problem. Do not buy from them you have been warned.

  5. We bought a car here. It broke down within a fortnight. They refused to collect it. We told them their guarantee is worthless – they AGREED it is not worth the paper it is written on. Gave us a load of flannel on the phone. Managed to limp a useless broken car to them. Couldn’t even have the courtesy to speak with us. Absolutely disgusting disgraceful customer care. AVOID AVOID AVOID – money grabbing greedy beggars who only want to hit targets and don’t care what they are selling. They lie on the phone. They say they will call back – they don’t. In 50+ years I have never been so disrespected and treated so badly by any sales person. If you want a career with no education, no manners, no decency, no reliability, join this company of charlatans.

  6. After a month my newply purchased car developed a batter fault. Within a day Available car Sutton in Ashfield had checked it and replaced the battery, no fuss or bother. It’s nice to know they put things right without any quibbles.

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