Binance — Review

Binance — Review

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Buy, trade and store over 350 cryptocurrencies on Binance

Binance — Review

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  1. I’ve been using Binance for years now. Never had any issues with any transaction, could always access my money, and the trading fees are the lowest in the industry.

    My only problem is that I had to freeze my card due to fraudulent activity, and they are not willing to reissue a new virtual card for me until the horribly expensive replacement card arrives.

    Compared to the competitors’ sky high fees, Binance is a pretty good deal, in par with DeFi trading.

    Date of experience: Oc

  2. TERRIBLE………..I was forwarded to 4 different ares where I needed to provide the same information each time…the cashback from their card is totally scam and misleading.
    I spent 5k EUR each month and got 0,1% back, even though they say clearly everywhere that you get 3%…the customer support just keeps you going in circles with no actual solution, telling me to wait and wait and never solve the issue…really upsetting

  3. This application is a pain in the a×× , it was super long to get verified, they ask you more information than a bank to get verified, after 1 week going through the verification process I try to buy cryptos and I get another round of verification not being able to do anything on my account, they sell decentralized money but are worst than a bank, their process is the worst ever I don’t recommend at all I wasted almost 2 weeks trying to buy cryptos on Binance, I’m going to tell all my friends to transfer their crypto to another platform, if it’s this way after few steps on Binance how will it be if I need ti transfer my cryptos quickly? We are getting tired of “well known application” that sucks and are just a giant scam, what the hell you need my adress for ? What the you need personnal documents for ? You got my ID, my picture, my informations, what else those people want, those stupid people launch applications without understanding the standards of the business they promote. I don’t recommend at all 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  4. Have crypto ther but cant do anything because i had to re-verify for some reason.
    Getting out of that garbage site as soon as i can.
    Annoying website to maneuver in.

  5. I using binance app already 2 years,25Dec 2022is my back experience,binance sent me TAC by SMS,talk about my app already expired need change password,i try to log in my binance account after try can’t log in , after 2 days i try change password and log in my binance account inside all the usdt already get hack,i try complain binance support team call me report police。。。no safe for this binance app

  6. I have been on the chat numerous times to withdraw my own money and each time they say i have to wait a minimum of 10 DAYS!! appalling – AVOID this company!

  7. My partner has been using binance for quite a while now and never had a problem withdrawing.
    But now she can’t retrieve her money it is only £75.
    She has wasted the hours you spend on there ridiculous customer support.
    Which after looking myself has been designed to put you off using because its so complicated.
    And she was told due to one person doing something bad they are stopping payments.
    My partner has spent nearly a week being fobbed off with this excuse.
    Bad site to get answers anyway and now you can’t get your money.

  8. Stay away from binance they absolutely no tech support they are not transparent about the glitches that happend to my account they refuse to tell me anything
    Case Id starts with 7 not 9

  9. Scammer this is my forth and final review. You didn’t contact me yet. Even I verified my account scammer. You were repeating the same answer to contact live support. How con I contact, after you block my device IP address and took my money. I’m saying to everybody, don’t use this scammers website. Only Asians are using now. All others already gave up this scammers. We can see from the reviews. Scammer keep my money. I will see how God will punish you and your family. Bad luck . No need to reply the same thing. Ok

  10. There was no option for UNSOLVED button.
    Could someone from the customer support team
    call my mobile asap. Thank you 09/01/2022
    *I highly appreciate your reply AG but all I want you to do right now is to refund back my money. I already lodged a dispute from my bank. Thank you

    I was SCAMMED!!!
    In my case, May 13,2022 A Representative called me and encourage me to pay $AUD290.19 billed me with this account name DEBIT CARD PURCHASE FOREFRONT CAPITAL LONDON GBR GBP 163.00 incl. Foreign Transaction Fee AUD $8.70 thru phone and “yada yada promises” then the so called Sales Manager called me and ask me to sign up from the site and assist me to sign up for my account. At first he showed me where my money in the link and then he promise to call me back to give further assistance on how to utilize the account. But been waiting for hours, then days and then totally no more call from him anymore. I tried to send messages to BINANCE customer support and requested a call back and assistance but no one respond. Furthermore, I even requested for a refund till now I haven’t received yet. Because it’s not worth it! So, so anyone from this day forward attempts to join, I strongly advise, DONT! Absolutely unprofessional and affirmatively a SCAM!!!
    Note: Investigation still going. Foreseeable escalation on TV NEWS if they don’t give me back my money!!!!!

  11. Best and biggest trading platform with the minimum fees, they make my trading journey easy. Happy to be here.

  12. I had around $55 in ETH that I simply didn’t want anymore, and decided to create and verify an account on Binance to get that money back into my bank. I went through the verification process initially to get my account created, and then had to verify my identity 5 times in a row while being on a support chat from 6PM until 10PM. After that, I made the deposit to verify my bank and was told by the agent that once the money is returned to my account, this means my bank has been verified and I can now withdraw my funds, this is not the case, I am now being told that it has not been verified, and being passed around from person to person on their LiveChat. It simply doesn’t make sense, on the scale of things, I am only trying to withdraw $50, but if this was a large crypto trader who had millions to withdraw then it would be a different story.

    I am not going to say stay away from them, because you might have a better experience, but I sure won’t be using their website again, because from my point of view, they are scamming.

  13. Deposit SEPA activation keep failing after account being verified

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