Bitfinex — Review

Bitfinex — Review


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Bitfinex – the exchange has been operating since 2012. In terms of the volume of trading transactions with cryptocurrency, it occupies the fourth position in the world ranking. Supports 133 currencies, three of which are fiats (EUR, USD, JPY). The platform offers margin trading with a leverage of 1:3, as well as OTC trades and trading based on derivatives. For transactions, Bitfinex takes a commission of 0.02-0.2%, depending on the total amount of trades made by the trader. Topping up the balance with cryptocurrencies is free, with fiats – 0.1%.

Bitfinex — Review

Image company: Bitfinex — Review

3.2 based on 10 reviews

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  1. Been on Bitfinex for over an year now and I couldn’t ask for better to be honest they have the best support that answers in a matter of hours, a lot of new assets added every week with the best market fees and to top it off their security system is the best of all the exchanges, the only thing they need to improve in my eyes is the registration part where they usualy take around two weeks to accept someone new

  2. They’ll do everything to make it complicated and time-consuming when you want to transfer out.
    Also haircut of 30 per cent of my account a few years back because they either stole or got stolen for real.
    There are better options these days.

  3. As far as a trading platform goes, Bitfinex is clearly on the top 3 exchanges of the market. Unmatched liquidity, high pair count and a really really professional support team behind it make it a super solid contender. On the PR side, however, they give way too much importance to Tether FUD. Let your sucess speak for itself, rather than words.

  4. Been trading in bitfinex sinse early 2020 and the experience has been good so far.

    Loved the amount of customization you get on the platform, really helped me organizing thing my way and therefore made reading and analysing data much easier.

    (Dunno if you guys improved it by now, but i remember when i registered the verification took longer than i would have liked, therefore, 4* instead of 5*)

  5. They don’t allow me to withdraw put my transaction on hold from last 5 days i have re-verified my kyc and all my legit document . still they putting me on hold as i am 5 year old customer they don’t valued their customer not giving me the answer why they hold funds this is my life time hard earned money can you plz gave me the gud suggestion and any attorney or lawyer from hong kong can buz me

  6. Excellent response time to email.
    Even though issue was not resolved at the time, the emails and reply’s so helpful.
    The speed at the response time was what helped a lot. I’m talking minutes. Not hours or days. Excellent 👌

  7. Smooth trading, excellent customer support
    I use to send erc20 ETH to my wallet even it is not supported, I wrote to support and deposit were added in few hours. Also, very low fees (e. g. ~100 sats/withdrawal in Lightning network)

  8. I am in a similar boat as other reviewers. Their customer support replies quickly but does absolutely nothing to help on a timely manner. I have been waiting for almost a year to recover a delisted token. They provide no update or communication. Every day goes by I’m losing faith about this. Charging $500 to recover is such a rip off to begin with but even then, it feels like I’m never going to recover my token. Their customer service is poor and at this moment I feel like I was scammed.

    Charles – if you are reading this, why don’t you reply to my repeated emails and recover my tokens?

    Ticket# 415164

  9. Registered fast, good app and security measures, until tried to Verify.
    Several attempts and nothing: passport and selfies never good enough. Worrying fact, that all images which are not good, still kept by Bitfinex on your account.
    Deactivated account after a few month, as wasted enough time with no results.

  10. Excellent system, that works perfectly for exchanging crypto. I’ve been using it for a few month and I’m really happy about it.
    The system is really simple with a lite version, but also very complete with a pro version. Works on all platforms.
    The security is top-notch. And I don’t see how a hacker could steal your money with Bitfinex.
    The trading fee ar 0.1% taker, 0.2% maker. So very inexpensive compare to others brokers.
    The customer support is very fast to reply and helping, and the kyc verification is done by human, not machines !!
    The deposit / withdrawal of fiat is now very cheap since they use a partner and cost only 0,50€. Better than before !

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