eToroX — Review

eToroX — Review


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eToro has been operating since 2007. The company has offices in several countries around the world. Supports trading in securities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, precious metals and other assets. Has licenses issued by the government of Cyprus and the UK. The minimum deposit at eToro is $200. Supports margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:30. The exchange has a social trading service.

eToroX — Review

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  1. No issues user friendly just prefer other platforms above this

  2. Another scumbag exchange that decided to delist XRP out of peer pressure from the SEC. Disgraceful.

  3. On May 5, 2021, I opened up an account with Etoro on their website to purchase $100 worth of Dogecoins while it was priced at $0.50 per coin according to other exchanges coinbase and binance. However, their web application required me to place a minimum deposit of $200 for me to even open an account, so I relented. I proceeded to purchase $200 worth of Dogecoins. Soon after they executed the transaction, they claimed that they had bought it for $0.66 per coin leaving me with only 300 Dogecoins when I was expecting 400 Dogecoins. So my account only showed 300 Dogecoins. At that point, I was dissapointed but not completely furious. Soon afterward, I navigated their site to figure out a way to withdraw my Dogecoin to my Exodus wallet App so that I can start spending my Dogecoins for some merchandise online (i.e. Dallas Maverick tickets). However, I soon discovered that there was no way for me to do so. Neither their web nor mobile App allows you to withdraw the coins that you purchased from them. That’s when I became furious. Etoro stole $200 from me without delivering what was rightfully mine (the 300 Dogecoins). I tried to contact them via email on numerous occasions as well as the phone. However, I got no response from them from email, and their phone support is a just worthless voice recording that gave me absolutely no options. The last time I tried to contact them was on May 21, 2021 both by phone and email, but again to no avail. DO NOT deal with eToro. I repeat DO NOT deal with eToro. You will regret it.

  4. Not much needs to be said. eToroX is a really bad exchange who’s recently randomly invested in mass advertisement, making them even more unbearable…

  5. Email after email and still no one wants to help, they don’t come back to you for days even though I’ve complained

  6. It is a scam platform, there is no transparency and trying to contact them is it’s own kind of absurd situation, with what looks like robot answers that must never have seen real human eyes

  7. Email after email and still no one wants to help, they don’t come back to you for days even though I’ve complained
    I just want to take my money out

  8. My friends, this is a scam platform. I lost $30,000 and I can’t take out a single dollar! I hope you don’t fall for it!

  9. Got scammed on this platform…
    Made deposit to 30k. Never ever saw my money again.

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