FTX — Review

FTX — Review

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FTX is an exchange founded in 2019. The company that owns it is registered in Antigua and Barbuda. Specializes in spot trading and derivatives of cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC transactions. FTX supports margin trading on select cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of 1:3. The exchange provides its own mobile trading application. Works with major fiats. The trading terminal allows you to make transactions using seven types of orders.

FTX — Review

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1.8 based on 8 reviews

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  1. The worst signup experience out of all 12 Crypto Exchanges I have accounts with.
    Lost my Warriors NFT trying to transfer if off this crappy exchange. They need send money on fix their site so that is easy for the customer but instead they just spend money on celebrity endorsements.

    Tried to reset my password and reset email link never shows up in my inbox (not in my spam box either)


  2. I made two SEPA cash withdrawals to my bank account. First one was instant but the second one was held for 30 days and then returned to my account.
    I am happy that my cash is back but obviously this exchange is useless for me. I do not recommend dealing with it if you plan to withdraw cash with their services.

  3. certain sections if you want to trade for better oprions you have to fill in a survey and if get a question wrong you need to wait 24 hours to try again
    will be withdrawing after the 24 hour ban i failrd quiz so now can not do withdraw for 24 hours update since last post i just recieved a support ticket i cant invest in most of the assest on their site unless i supply documents showing i have over 2.5 million in assets
    I dont know anyone who has 2.5 million spare

  4. There’s not much to say-scam. I invested Aud 18k, my assets tripled and as soon I asked to withdraw them, all become clear, my money was taken and I been asked to pay tax before withdraw will be available.
    One you invest money, you never get it out.
    But I think we are talking about two different sites, both under FTX name. One maybe a legitimate FTX, but another is a 100% scam. Access to my acc become limited, customer service stop responding.
    I have two names and phone numbers ( probably fake names) of ppl who definitely connected to this site, just not sure if I can post it here.

  5. My token was took out of staking, sold and withdraw without notifying me on any of these actions. I reached out to the customer support, all they’ve replied is to ask me change my password. Are you joking? FTX can take away your funds at anytime without acknowledging you which is the worst thing they can do for their customers. Stay away from FTX at all costs

  6. I don’t understand all the negative reviews on here. In fact they appear fake as I’ve had nothing but good experiences with FTX. The negative reviews have left me concerned and I’ve contacted FTX for a response. I’ll add here once I hear from them.

  7. It’s been some days now and they no longer respond to emails or return calls, i’m sure they knew this was going to happen and kept it under wraps and now my entire savings is stuck as well as other people’. I recently just had my account restriction lifted because they had no evidence as to why they blocked the account in the first place and now i cannot process my funds out. I’ve had pandrex.co look into it and was able to get something off ftx. Not sure i can trust ftx anymore.

  8. Avoid the FTX crypto exchange! They are scammers! I wanted to withdraw fiat, and FTX did not do it and blocked and withhold money from me with a false reason! I lost money for nothing!

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