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ITinvest – it is a broker that helps people make money in the financial markets by providing them with favorable conditions.

As an international broker and working with clients from different countries, we understand that each person is unique and has their own values, regardless of whether they are a trader or a partner. When our team designs company services, we take into account the diversity of cultures, nations, trade experiences and the requirements of our clients. ITinvest offers several types of trading accounts with a wide selection of trading instruments, and everyone can find the most suitable one according to their own preferences.


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4 reviews to “ITINVEST — Review”

  1. affects the formation of the reputation and trust of users if the company has all the legal provisions necessary to confirm its legality and transparency of its actions, legal provisions that would prove that the project has those positive qualities sufficient for it to pass a fraud test with a positive result. Since the company has not provided any such document, namely a license or a corresponding certificate, there is absolutely no doubt about its fraudulent and absolutely unprofitable intentions for customers and their funds.

  2. Quite a lot can be said about Itinvest reviews, in which users on an ongoing basis mention rather negative provisions regarding rather significant aspects of the company’s activities. For example, investors have repeatedly noticed rudeness on the part of representatives of this service, as well as their incompetence in a number of trading issues, moreover, clients also paid attention to the absolute absence of previously agreed tools and opportunities that were guaranteed to them by the company initially, which only reminds of its a vast amount of lies presented to users solely for the purpose of increasing their customer base.

  3. it is difficult to argue that they are attractive and quite promising, but you should not take the word of this project, since none of the items presented by it is visible in reality and is just an empty promise of this service aimed at attracting as much attention as possible from naive customers.

  4. The Itinvest project is a rather illustrative example for those investment platforms that believe that in order to fill their pockets with funds from naive and gullible clients, it is enough just to present a number of attractive positions and exaggerate their importance in the market at times. But, as practice has shown, only a few are led to such a performance, having not the most extensive experience of cooperation with such services. Based on all of the above, we recommend that you turn your attention to more reliable and safe companies, as well as abandon further, obviously unprofitable prospects regarding cooperation with Itinvest.

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