Junction 17 Cars — Review

Junction 17 Cars — Review

Website: https://www.junction17cars.co.uk

Phone: 01733 247222


1 Kestrel Way
Eagle Business Park

Email: [email protected]

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Welcome to Junction 17 Cars. We are a well-established, passionate business specialising in the sale of prestige used cars based in Peterborough.

Whether you’re at Junction 17 Cars to buy something special, or you would just like to browse, we offer you a completely personalised service through every stage of your car buying journey. Leaving you with a great impression and you wanting to come back as we genuinely care about all of your needs and our service is designed around you, often exceeding expectations.

We pride ourselves in selling high quality prestige used cars. You can browse our current stock online and click on any model of car that interests you to see further details.

We take great pleasure in being able to guide every one of our customers, whether new or returning, through every part of vehicle ownership – the buying, financing, servicing and selling – all from under one roof.

At Junction 17, we are a dealership with a deep passion for cars, which is at the heart of our unrivalled expertise. If you would like professional help in choosing the best European sports car or prestige car that meets your requirements you can trust our expert sales team. We provide considered and impartial advice which is well-respected in the automotive industry.

If you are upgrading from another prestige car, we can purchase your old car for a fair and accurate price. We are always looking for exceptional luxury and sports cars to add to our stock, and can offer both cash sales and part exchange against the value of a car in our existing range.

To speak to one of our specialist sales advisers about financing a car, buying outright or selling a car, please contact us or phone us on 01733 247222 and one of our prestige used car specialists will be more than happy to assist

Junction 17 Cars — Review

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  1. !!!!STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!! Absolutely worst dealer I have dealt with, PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THEM. Bought Audi Q7 which was advertised on auto trader, didn’t had chance to travel 4 hours to view and I trust on the pictures and detail. To impress buyer they quoted 2489 less mileage with excellent condition to show great price, my bad I did blind trust, finalised the deal, collected the car after getting home realised the mileage is incorrect and based on the mileage price should be at least £2-3k cheaper plus have headlamp sensor issue which turns on and off, alloys have visible scratches. After sending them an email about this was told should have read disclaimer on their website, seriously???? At absolute breaking point with this dealer, taking it further to file formal complaint to ombudsman and trading Standards. If I could give a minus rating, I would.

  2. Please stay away from this company. The pain and grief that they have caused myself and my Family is just too much! The “CEO” and I use that term very loosely has no care for anyone but himself and his gleaming, very expensive motors. The stress that he has caused on not looking after us, the customers has been unbearable. The vehicle I purchased (with a very expensive warranty) in February is STILL yes STILL off the road as I write this. His ignorance to try and fix the problems is as high as I have ever seen. The good thing is I have every email, call, footage of the problems and much more all noted and recorded. As I say at the start of this review, PLEASE do not go anywhere near this company but more importantly, the “CEO”. Now I am sure they will give a very heartful reply saying a lot of rubbish (as on previous emails) and we apologise etc etc bla bla bla. Not working with me and I really hope others reading this see the light. Embarrassing company from day one, a seriously embarrassing guy at the top!! PS – Take a look at the other Bad Bad reviews!!

  3. What a lemon i brought dont buy from them awful cars. There mots are done by there own garage so be careful and they do the serviceing or lack of it. Worst car i ever bought took it back after a week.go to a good car dealer if u want a good car!

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