KuCoin — Review

KuCoin — Review

Website: https://www.kucoin.com/

About Company:

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been on the market since 2017. The platform ranks sixth in the world in terms of trading volume. Supports transactions with more than 295 cryptocurrencies. And also with five fiats: USD, CAD, VND, IDR and CNY. The exchange offers spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10, market and limit orders. The most popular cryptocurrencies in KuCoin are XBT, BTC, ETH. Commission policy of the site: trading transactions – from 0.005 to 0.01%, deposit and withdrawal of funds – free of charge.

KuCoin — Review

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1.4 based on 10 reviews

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  1. Keep your money away from these people, no site gets hack like KuCoin. I just has 4 thousand dollars worth of assets stolen from my KuCoin wallet and their service team can care less, they have no intention of helping. Their service team is rude, they tried putting the blame on me even though I followed all security procedures and then some, know I’m out 4 Grand that they have no interest in helping me recover or make repetitions. If you decide to put your trust in these people, do so at your own risk. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  2. Absolutely pathetic experience they want your crypto as soon as you want to withdraw from the exchange they basically make it impossible to take your funds their verification system takes long and is fundamentally flawed they simply ignore your messages

  3. I hate this exchange! When swapping/buying/selling they leave a tiny amount of my original coin in my wallet…whoch I can do nothing with qs it’s too small.

    They are crooks!

    Qlso, can’t use fiat, or other crypto to buy …you have to use USDT..so you lose time and money with every action.

    Customer service is q stupid bot that replies in links.

    I have money ‘In Orders’. It’s not available, don’t know what that means, but shows up in my wallet.

    Such a hassle to withdraw. I’ve lost a lot of money with them, and because I can’t do qnything with the residual amount left in the altcoins…I’m stuck. Just have to wait to fully lose the money, or hodl.

    And…i have money tied in a margin loan, cos they gave me $5 to try it. I cant get my own money out that i added to it. I can’t stop it. I pay back the loan in full, then I seem to owe them again and again. Slowly dripping my money off me.

    I want out. Delete!!

  4. I deposited ten dollars, ten dollars, let me rephrase that TEN DOLLARS. I have tried for days to buy some crypto to no avail. NOW it want me to create a password for my trading, and wants me to redo KYC in order to get my secondary password to trade, with my TEN dollars. They do NOT tell you you can NOT withdraw any currency unless it is at least 10 dollars! BUT they charged me 1.40 TO DEPOSIT …TEN DOLLARS SO I HAVE 8.60 NOW! Looks like thieves. Getting my bank to do a ccard reversal and fraud report.

  5. Kucoin having low rating is unacceptable to me, since i used the kucoin for almost 4 years been there since they just started i guess. Honest opinion, not really smooth as i need support whenever there is some error, although it takes time but hey the crypto will go on and hodling is what you need, so waiting for them don’t take much anyway.

    I read some experience although i think Kucoin is 5 star, i agree that they need to improve too if they want to take over Binance from the ranking of number 1.

  6. Made a transfer/payment for the crypto, after transaction was cancelled a refund was not processed. money went on somebody’s account.

    Customer service went silent. No responses, no issue solvation.

  7. Ku Coin is a Scam
    They only let you trade with the APP
    Ones you try to take your funds they will block you form taking your funds and give excuse that they care about your security

    I have triple security already no one can log in without signing 3 different codes

    Now hen you connect to the customer services

    they will only answer via bot
    and if you ask for a live chat it still a bot answering you over and over and tell you to submit ticket with the code and upload your passport with a long process

    I did it and contact the Customer services
    they keep telling me that they haven’t received it so i screen video shot how i did it for the 3rd time
    and send it to them

    but they keep answering the same thing over and over

    its a scam app they will not reply to you they have 0 Customer services everything is running by bot

    and they are stealing Money from people over and over be aware!

  8. The customer support is absolutely hideous. I am asked them about why my rewards payout is taking 2 month and it’s is still processing when it says 2 weeks. All of their replies, email, chat and FB said it may be because I have multiple accounts when I only have 1. Nobody can explain or prove to me that there has been multiple accounts whatsoever. I have lost all my confidence with Kucoin. I have just exited all my coins. Period.

  9. Like most exchanges, customer support is appalling. It’s clear that the agents have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and are incapable of handling even basic queries.

    Customer support across centralised exchanges really does need to improve. Could it be that the extremely wealthy operators of these unregulated businesses don’t care one bit about their users?

  10. Customer service end chat when they don’t have an answer to your issue. I do not get my money and this is how they handle me because they do not had an answer. This happen 3 times in a row…

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