LATOKEN — Review

LATOKEN — Review


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LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.

LATOKEN — Review

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2.3 based on 13 reviews

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  1. This platform is really pathetic to use as they don’t support any fiat currencies. Being a new trader when I tried searching information regarding trading fees that was not clear anywhere on their site will never recommend it to anyone.

  2. Latoken Scam. I am not receive my tokens. iam wait 5 days and all time withdrawal status: Security checking. This is fake exchange with fake volume

  3. Halo deposits are confirmed within about a minute, yet LAToken takes hours to process. They are clearly unable to run an exchange that competes with others. Due to this I stopped doing any trading.

  4. while i not trade on this platform until yet but while reading found that mostly bugs and problems occur but the team should be supportive and working against these issues ac i found their support .

  5. SCAM SCAM SCAM!! i went to login today and my email don’t work anymore called customer support and they said i was inputting my email and password wrong when i know i wrote it down on a piece of paper now my funds are possibly lost forever because when i try to sign in it says email or user does not exist…..SCAM SCAM where can i make a complaint or report this scam so i can get my funds back?

  6. No Professionalism – My log in is not working due to they have enabled them self 2FA for all users. I have complained and was told due to migration to 2.0 all users were enabled the 2FA. All but what is my mistake in this. Now they are asking the Ether Wallet I have contributed, I do not have that one as it was 2 years back from where I get that one. I do not know.
    Anyway I sent them the Photo ID with LA token banner however why I had to do all this when this is not my mistake.
    Very disappointing!

  7. I’m waiting for support answer more then 1 year! They blocked my accaunt. Log in is notpossible. They don’t send me on email information about official position of LATOKEN. Be careful. I’m suspended by platform! Robot makes the volume, but I can’t get my money. Don’t go there!!!

  8. Out of the blue, they charge for inactivity fee! Said email in April which I never received. I sent an email to delete my account. I’ve will see how long it will take.

    Latoken you replied to my posting here.
    On Sept 21, I sent this email:


    Please delete my account!

    I was not satisfied that there was inactivity fee. It said I was sent an email in April, but I never received it. ”

    I email to the same email address that you reply to tell me to send to.

    Sending another email works.

    When people send an email requiring to delete the account, just ignore it until we post here or other places.

  9. I am particularly pleased with the help part. they provide instant support. great stock market.

  10. KYC2 validation time is too bad
    According to the announcement it only takes 24 -48 hours to authenticate KYC2 but more than 5 days (22/03 until today) my account has not been KYC2 authenticated. Nor did I notify me via mail / chat, …
    The online customer care service is very bad and does not support the user to just push to another department and report the alarm

  11. It’s a good app but new users should note that minimum deposit is 0.00005 for BTC and you can also turn off the 1% deposit fee as it isn’t compulsory.

    They also got a great support on the app and on Telegram too.

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