LIONEX — Review

LIONEX — Review



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About company

Our mission

LIONEX is a regulated broker and financial services provider for traders around the world. We are also one of the fastest growing online brokers thanks to our principles, technology, and customer relationships.

Our mission is to make safe and low-cost investing a reality for millions of users around the world.

Our company complies with strict international regulatory security standards and is regulated by the financial supervisory authorities of several countries.


We offer end-to-end execution of transactions. This means that we provide transparent quotes, and all orders are sent to first-tier partner banks and liquidity providers.

Using this method provides some of the best trading conditions and commissions in the market. This also eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest.

We provide a round-the-clock customer service for traders of all categories to provide support and answer any questions that arise.

LIONEX — Review

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  1. Here – there is no license, in what jurisdiction the DC is registered in general – who knows, of course there can be no reliability, security is similar, the company is illegal, and not only in Russia, but also in other jurisdictions, there are no offices, addresses are not disclosed. How can we talk about reliability here? Here’s how? Of course, people will scam about this scam, since this is a lousy office.

  2. I look at people who write negative reviews about Lionex, and I wonder, what did you actually think when you registered a brokerage account in an openly garbage and deceitful brokerage sharashka office? Did you think that here in 5 minutes they would withdraw money and give you a real interbank market? Are you seriously? Yes, it’s not even clear here which trading platform is provided for trading, anyway it does not support connection to ECN, STP, NDD.

  3. The company is fake, a typical forex kitchen with fake charts and fake liquidity… no license, no paperwork and no legal address

  4. I have already come to terms with the fact that I chose the wrong “broker”. The fake company Lionex scammed me for money. The deposit was replenished, nothing came to the balance. And by the time it was more than a month ago. So now trust all sorts of obscure CFDs. As here, they will throw and not blush. Of course, they breed masterfully – reliability, adjustability, and so on. All of course, bait for a sucker, which turned out to be me.

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