Marshall & Son Motors Ltd — Review

Marshall & Son Motors Ltd — Review


Phone: 01922 458222

Address:  Northgate, Walsall, WS9 8UB

Email: [email protected]

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If you are looking for great savings on quality used then you have reached the right place. Marshall & Son Motors Ltd are a specialist used car dealer based in West Midlands. We are proud to offer you a first class customer service and very competitive pricing. At Marshall & Son Motors Ltd we stock a range of used cars to suit all budgets and lifestyles so we are sure to have the right car for you.

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Marshall & Son Motors Ltd — Review

Image company: Marshall & Son Motors Ltd — Review

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  1. Car sold not as described and faulty after 160 miles of use (my drive home from Birmingham). Dealer refused to acknowledge full liability and provided nothing by way of customer service.

  2. I’m sorry it’s going to be long but this is the truth and don’t want you to go through what I did. Marshall and son motors in Aldridge. What can I say but utter disappointment I brought a honda civic with a value of almost £14,000. I had a problem since day 1. I told them about it and tried to get the problem fixed. I ended up driving hundreds of miles out of good will to try and get it fixed. I missed days off work , my own fule. They never offerd me a hire car. Days and days went by. I asked for my car back as I part exchanged it for the honda they told me no as they have sold it. I said can I have the refund back so I can spend it else where. They told me no. I have no right to ask for it. I said i want this fixed and need it booked in to people who know what they are doing as I’m sick of driving everywhere. They then booked it in honda in cannock after 5 other places this being the 6th. They said a module on the rear wiper went. That is stopping everything from working. So an electrical fault. Which should of been tested before being sold. I never realised until the day after I reported it straight away as its a dangerous fault. Honda in cannock quoted that the part is going to be £1,500 to be fixed. Marshall and son motors didn’t realise at the time i was in the honda store at the time listening to the phone call. They told honda they will not pay for it as its too expensive and it’s cheaper to delete the system out of the car. The car is under warranty still so I don’t no why they didn’t pay for it to be done there and then. Marshall and sons called me stright up and said they are not going to pay for the part to be fixed. They didn’t tell the truth and told me it is going to cost £200 to be fixed. Which they said I need to get done myself. They said they will only offer me the £200 which I can do what ever I want with that I can put it towards it being fixed. Or I can buy some new trainers with it and they will pay for the part to be deleted out of the car. I said the car is under warranty it is dangerous to drive , it is not fit for purpose , why haven’t you payed for it while it was at honda. If it was only going to be £200 anyway what you’ve already offered me. They told me these are our choices and these are what we are going to do. I said I want my money back for the car as I have reported it and have evidence I have within the first 30 days. You have ran me about here and there wasting my time. As in the end you haven’t still yet payed for it to be fixed. They told me I won’t get my money back they are going to block my number so I can’t get in touch with them. Luckily one of my friends had there email as the same thing happened to them. As I wrote them an email about this is against the rights of goods act and alot of more things advised by my solicitor I am entitled to a full refund. Or the part to be fixed. As they have 7-14 days to respond or it goes to court. On the 14th day. They replied that they will pay for the part to be fixed. I said that’s fine. But I need a car to get to work so you will need to get me a hired car. They said no. They won’t pay for me to get a hired car. I said by my solicitor you need to provide me a car for work as this isn’t my problem as it was damaged before I brought need to get me a hired car or pay for me to go onto my dads Insurance As you sold my car. They they wont do nothing. So my solicitor told me what else to put as this email must have scared them they then called me back and said we will give you £13,000 back for the car because of the milage. I said I have put milage on because iv been driving to places you’ve sent me to try and get it fixed. You should of fixed it there and then in honda instead of mess me around . I said I am entitled to my full refund as I am advised by my solicitor or this needs to go to court you have no more dead line days left I have all my proof and evidence recorded. They called me stright back and said bring the car down we will give you the refund. So I took my car down they tried to say they will give me £13,000 again .I said look you are trying everything possible to cause a reaction aren’t you so you can try and have something on me for if it needs to go to court. They gave me the refund then.

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