MEXC Global — Review

MEXC Global — Review


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Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has been operating since 2018. Registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading in over one hundred coins and derivatives. MEXC Global charges a 0.2% taker and maker fee for transactions. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:125. The exchange also includes services for P2P exchange. The trading platform is implemented in the form of mobile and desktop applications.

MEXC Global — Review

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2.3 based on 9 reviews

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  1. İ have already an account in MEXC, for a launchpad project i have tried to login with my password but i couldn’t, than try to reset but mail never arrived. ( check my spam). after multiple tries, got in touch with customer service but they seem to don;’t know what they are doing, in the end customer support told me he will ask superior department but never answered back again. I am glad I have not deposited anything yet. One day you woke up end there is no way you can login.. I will never try to use this exchange

  2. Did scam me for 400 dollar . First thay say that . Support migration and 1 moth after thay say what coins are delisted . Dont put in cash here

  3. Scam, you can buy/deposit your assets easily, but withdraw/sell is not possible…..

  4. I love the fact that they have professional security team for my asset security, atleast I can have rest of mind nobody is going to steal my hard earned money..

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