«NPBFX» — Review

«NPBFX» — Review

Website: https://finance-official.npbfxrus.org/

Phone: 8 800 200-06-76, +7 495 128-98-90

Address:  uite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

About Company:

NPBFX has been providing brokerage services to clients in the FOREX currency market since 1996. Until 2016, private traders and corporate clients were serviced on behalf of a bank licensed by the Bank of Russia (Nefteprombank JSC). At the beginning of 2016, a rebranding and transfer of private client services to the international company NPBFX Limited with an IFSC license was carried out. The bank continues servicing corporate clients.
In the period from 1996 to 2006, the company primarily served clients in the HNWI/UHNWI segment. In 2006, the company introduced the NPBTrader Internet trading platform, connected via a proprietary bridge to liquidity providers in the interbank market. Thus, the company has become one of the first retail brokers to serve clients exclusively on STP/NDD technology using a brokerage business model that excludes conflicts of interest with clients.
In 2011, the company began serving clients through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The platform is connected to a liquidity aggregator that allows you to transfer client transactions to Tier 1 banks.
The NPBFX service portfolio contains offers for almost any category of clients:
private traders with classic trading strategies;
algorithmic traders, HFT traders, scalpers;
traders who need to provide liquidity for large trading volumes;
institutional clients and partners: brokerage companies, hedge funds and corporate clients;
traders with individual needs.
In 2016, NPBFX was awarded the status of a member of the Financial Commission category A, the amount of the compensation fund was increased to $20,000 per client.
Currently, NPBFX serves clients from different regions of the world and operates in accordance with international standards of good business conduct in the financial services markets.

«NPBFX» — Review

Image company: «NPBFX» — Review

2.4 based on 11 reviews

11 reviews to “«NPBFX» — Review”

  1. Very bad broker and Liars :
    i traded their 20$ bonus and i finished every and all terms… after that:
    1- i asked for withdraw but no response at all since a week.
    2-every time i ask they ask me for email and account number for check then tell me my account still under review.
    3-after week i tried to talk to their live chat…. agent was rude made me wait for 30 minute without hear my complain even then he returned after 30 minute just for tell me send what you have to email.
    4-they replied with email saying my account still under review and in the end of email they mentioned only way for withdraw profits through bank card or bank transfer.
    why then you didn’t reject my request for withdraw to skrill and keep telling me it’s under review?.
    5-i live in egypt where banks not deal with forex brokers so it’s impossible for withdraw through cards also bank transfer for waste my profits to pay fees?.
    6-before i participate in offer they wrote clear in their website that:
    Profit obtained from trading with the bonus money can be withdrawn on e-wallet or bank card….
    and there is any single word in bonus terms saying withdraw must be done through bank card or transfer only. they mentioned E-wallet.
    7-why then they accept clients from countries that they know banks there don’t deal with forex brokers like egypt or saudi.
    7- their customer service very rude and they keep argue with clients and play with words in all possible ways .
    8-their customer service was reply at me saying(that’s promotion at the end ) like he telling me go to hit your head in wall and we can do all we want with our promotion… but what about 3 months i wasted on your shit ?
    9- their customer service more rude he telling me in a mockery way:(what we can do if you don’t have cards that work online)…
    i replied on him:(and what i can do if you wrote in your website:Profit obtained from trading with the bonus money can be withdrawn on e-wallet or bank card)
    10- he kept argue with me about that saying i read that in old link and where that mentioned i said it’s mentioned at your website go to check….. he still keep argue until i sent to him link then he shut up and ended chat.
    So Stay away from that Scam!!! Bad Service – rude customer services… you can’t make money with them as they claim …. they just good in argue and play with words

  2. My experience with this broker has been awesome, i signed with them two months ago and everything has been good. they have reasonable spreads. leverage up to 1:1000. fast deposits, fast withdrawal to my bank in 2 working days. no commission on deposits or withdrawals what you withdraw is what you get. hedging, scalping, ea advisors, copy trading is all allowed. Thank you NPBFX

  3. NPBFX was build by Nefteprombank (Nefte-Prom-Bank+FX) from Russia. This bank has cors accounts in the USA and many European banks. These guys have their place in swift, etc.
    I have tested over 100 “brokers” over the past 5 years. I could not understand why my expert adviser could not cope and was losing money. When I found NPBFX, I understood the difference between “brokers”. I began to succeed.
    honest schedule. disconnection and inclusion always coincides with reference exchanges. never change leverage
    excellent customer service. at the request of the client enter into a formal agreement that allows you to officially show the income. great affiliate program. fast and high-quality transaction processingalways completely, honestly and without delay withdraw any amounts. in two years, more than a million euros have been started and withdraw by me and partners.
    in short – this is the honest broker everyone is looking for. very loyal to non-idiots
    – just one real server with great ping. periodically, the connection speed can jump to the backup server, and this is 160ms. for advisers – this is critical. regular monitoring is needed. but this does not happen often.
    a thorough analysis with the network administrators of the broker, did not give a result. came to the conclusion that we need a request to the developers of MT4 and the study of this phenomenon.
    P/S I can prove and confirm with data all the words I wrote.

  4. They do not respond and withdraw my deposit and my profits
    npbfx arabic scam I want my money

  5. NPBFX is a fair broker. They paid me well. But based on my experience with them, i don’t think its a good broker for news traders.

  6. I am going to explain my case exactly what happened so everybody can understand. My trading account number 132128.
    I have lost on first two accounts with NPBFX where I have received their bonus. Deposit amounts were 1000 EUR and 2000 EUR, and I received 25% deposit bonus on each deposit, 250 EUR and 500 EUR bonus. I made third deposit of 3000 EUR on new account and got there 25% bonus of 750 EUR as well. This time I was successful with trading and earned profit of 8004 EUR. I requested withdrawal of whole amount of 11004 EUR, deposit + profit which I had on account, and NPBFX processed my winnings without any issue. Everything was fine. After that I continued to trade with them. Burned 3 more accounts where I made total deposit of 10900 EUR and received their bonus in total amount of 3065 EUR. I did not give up and opened 4th account and made new deposit of 2300 EUR to it, they again gave me bonus, this time 35% in amount of 805 EUR. With this account I was successful and made total profit of 7028 EUR. That means my total funds available for withdrawal is 9328 EUR. As before I requested NPBFX to process my withdrawal and that was moment when problems started to happen and NPBFX to reveal its real face. They refused to pay my withdrawal with explanation that available funds for withdrawal are not 9328 EUR like it should be, but 9328-total bonus they gave me in past on all accounts. That is completely absurd because I got only 805 EUR bonus on my last account, and completely opposite from what had happened in past when I made my first withdrawal request with them. They said they are willing to pay me 9328-total bonus, total bonus on all accounts was 3815 EUR, meaning they are willing to pay me 5513 EUR instead of 9328 EUR. In other words, they try to steal 3815 EUR from my completely fair winnings! All explanations they provided are invalid and not in course what have happened in the past. They tried to make excuse that they have new rules about bonuses, but that explanation also can not be accepted because those new rules apply from 1.4.2020. and my only deposit after that date was my newest deposit on my winning account. That means, however you look at this incident only fair and possible option is to pay my full winnings of 9328 EUR which they continue to refuse.
    I strongly advise all traders to stay away from NPBFX, on first sight it looks like trust worthy broker, but it is not.
    Also, I am going to escalate my case to court in quest for my full winnings.

  7. Maybe that’s one of the principles or motto at NPBFX. Never trade on NPBFX.
    You profit a lot, definitely will not be paid. NPBFX has prepared its flagship weapon. I trade with the usual technique, do not trade balance or hedging. But they thought I had committed an offence. They don’t like clients making big profits. They are too sneaky and underhanded for a novice client like me. It is very clear they are brokers. Again, never trade on NPBFX if you want your profit to be safe

  8. I haven’t received my money yet
    More than three months, I claim my money
    Theft, swindling and fraud

  9. Stay away from NPBFX, you profit will never pay by this poor broker.
    I just become victim of this broker, I have live account (173894) deposit with real money 500$ and did trading with the usual technique, do not trade balance or hedging. I got profit 553$ at the time and request for wd. Suddenly my profit was cancelled by NPBFX unilaterally without any evidence that my style trading was violate their rules.
    May be their motto is PROFIT NO, MC YESS. Never trade on NPBFX.
    Your profit will be just a NUMBER in your account, never be REAL MONEY even you deposit with real money.
    There are a lot of good brokers out there, stay away from NPBFX

  10. I got scammed because of this broker showing fake results on Myfxbook
    This broker allowing members to change their trades history and showing profits

  11. I wanted to update a previous bad review because I’ve been able to withdraw money at the end of the day. As they are from Russia, they faced some difficulties to handle it, but the withdrawal came, quite late, but it came so I can’t complain.
    Jul 26, 2021 – 1 Star This is so far the worst broker you can deal with.
    I’ve made a withdrawal request, it’s been a week that’s pending, no update yet.
    I’ve reached out to their customer service, I spoke with a Russian agent that does not speak English and very rude.
    I guess the only way to get my deposit back will be to call my bank and open a chargeback.
    If I can give you an advise, run far away from these scammers, there are lot of trusted brokers around.

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