PAYEER — Review

PAYEER — Review


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Payeer has been operating since 2012 under an international PSP license. Provides solutions for accepting payments on websites through a native API and custom wallets for storing funds and settling within the system. The wallet supports major fiats (dollar, euro), popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and others) and their automatic conversion. The Payeer gateway allows you to accept payments in over 150 ways. Transactions are validated via email, SMS, PIN code and Telegram.

PAYEER — Review

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3.9 based on 15 reviews

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  1. After charging my card with bigger amount the card data become inaccessible. The support team don’t answer.

  2. One of the first electronic banks that dealt with it and found ease in registration, dealing and safety in receiving and sending money and the lowest possible commission in electronic banks
    The design of the site gives all the data I need to manage my money and the history of my transactions and all that I need and it is really a bank where you find everything you need
    One of the things that I liked most every time I log in is to send me a new email with a password to increase the security of my account

  3. Recently connected a Payeer account and wallet. During use I managed to get used to the system very much. Significantly facilitates everyday life, you can make transactions in various countries. I liked that the service supports accepting cryptocurrencies, even reduced the commission for replenishment and withdrawal of funds to 0%, for which special thanks.

  4. PAYEER is one of the world’s most secure electronic wallets. The platform allows you to store and exchange currencies. You even have the possibility to manage your crypto currency in peace.

  5. I tried payeer to withdrawn my eth to my bankaccount but wasn’t able to, had to pay several fees to Exchange my eth into dollars. Once i tried to withdrawn my money it got cancelled each time however i used the same card i Made the deposits with.

  6. I have a good opinion of Payeer. Money transfers are instant, commissions are not higher than in other electronic payment systems.

  7. Payeer was recommended on an investment project. Before that, I did not use electronic payment systems. I thought it would be difficult to understand. However, everything turned out to be simple. The interface is intuitive, the support always helps if you have any questions.

  8. At Payeer, you can trade cryptocurrencies and get a nice increase in your salary. Convenient service with great opportunities!

  9. I tried to transfer a 271$ from payeer to my 1xbet account
    This debited the amout from my payeer account and i didn’t receive it in my 1xbet account
    I tried to contact them twice today and the didn’t even reply me

  10. I have been using Payeer for more than a year, I have never thought of starting another wallet. It is convenient to transfer and replenish funds, fees are reasonable. You can trade cryptocurrencies, but I have not tried it yet, I will be testing. The EPS is proven over the years, so I completely trust it.

  11. Payeer is user-friendly, while the registration on the platform takes only a few minutes. The commissions don’t bite, which is why I consider this EPS a profitable option.

  12. They paid me % of the commission that is charged when transferring the payment of the referred client. Over time, I switched to other options of remote work. But I still use Payeer wallet. I can use it to pay for anything and anywhere!

  13. Services are excellent could you add all the world so some can verify for better KYC
    Know You’re Customer to enhance Payeer Customer Experience as you know the world has changed after the pandemic all are moving online
    Best Wishes

  14. Hello everyone. I am a Payeer user and my ID is “P*******419”. I explain to you with the supporting evidence, the scams that most Payeer users are victims of, and also the racism that most people of color experience on Payeer.

    There are almost 300 complaints of scam and racism against Payeer on Trustpilot website alone. Don’t look at the positive reviews, former Payeer employees have explained in several forums that it is Payeer employees who write fake positive reviews on sites to make a good impression, and in addition, Payeer also pays people outside the company so that they also write lots of positive reviews with fake accounts. Check on Trustpilot and click on the negative reviews status bar, and you will see the terrible things happening on Payeer. Here are some of the testimonials you will see on Truspilot:
    – “Joseph Partick Mitova”: he explained how Payeer stole $400 from him
    – “Hilary”: she explained how Payeer scammed her from €200
    – “Maria”: she explained how Payeer stole €95 from her, the pennies are not even hers in fact, so she has to reimburse the owner of the money
    – “Lenlen Limbo”: he explained how Payeer stole the XRP cryptocurrencies that he deposited in his account
    – “Philip Neri Baynosa”: he explained how Payeer embezzled the funds he deposited in his account
    – “ynot rar”: he declared that Payeer users accounts are emptied
    – “A1 Bro”: he explained that Payeer requires certain personal documents which can be used to usurp our identity.
    – “Eri”: he explained that Payeer requires sensitive documents before you do any transaction on your account, but despite all the documents, they never validate the verification. So your money will be blocked and they will keep it for themselves
    – “David”: he declared that Payeer embezzled the bitcoins he deposited in his account
    – “Celeste”: he said that Payeer claims he has to verify his account and that they never validate the account, despite the documents sent, and that they keep his pennies for themselves
    – “Rakan”: he said that Payeer requires verification of accounts, but they never validate documents
    – “Giulio Nernna”: he explained that Payeer requires very complicated documents

    Also check the negative reviews about Payeer on website. Here are some excerpts:
    – “Rich D”: he explains that Payeer stole $54 from him. He says that when you make a deposit on Payeer, there is a good chance that you will never be able to withdraw it. He also explains how Payeer asks its employees to write positive reviews about Payeer on forums, and how Payeer pays people to write fake positive reviews in their favor
    – “nwali a.”: He explains that he can no longer withdraw his money or receive money in his Payeer account for no reason, and that they do not respond when he writes to customer service
    – “Rakan A.”: he explains that Payeer refuses to validate his documents for no reason, and that when he writes to customer service, it is only the robot that answers him by copying and pasting the same standard answers, and that this problem prevents him from doing certain operations. Also check the negative reviews about Payeer on website. Here are some excerpts:
    – “Jack”: he explains that Payeer kept his $400, that he sent all the documents they demanded but they rejected all the documents
    – “spectra”: he explains that all his balance has disappeared and that Payeer says that his account has been hacked. Also visit this site, you will see complaints from Payeer users about unfairly blocked Payeer account balances, etc. Also see complaints about Payeer on this site There are plenty of other forums that talk about Payeer’s scams and racism, do your research and check the negative reviews posted on the sites and you will see the heinous and inhumane behavior of Payeer.

  15. Payeer’s site is unique and offers great features in terms of digital currency
    Please enable Shiba Ino digital currency services on your site as well.

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