PLC Ultima — Review

PLC Ultima — Review


Address: УЛ. АХАЙОН, 35, 5-Й ЭТАЖ, ОФИС 17, П.П. 1101, НИКОСИЯ, КИПР

About Company:

PLC Ultima is a unique innovative crypto tool for mass use.
The mission of PLCU is to give hundreds of millions of people cut off from classic fintech services access to global financial infrastructure and instant payments around the world.
What is Ultima PLC?
PLC Ultima is a large-scale infrastructure project that combines the innovations of blockchain technology and the stability of dozens of time-tested business models.
PLC Ultima is a bridge between classic business and the crypto world. PLCU offers innovative business solutions that allow merchants from all over the world to sell their goods for cryptocurrencies, interacting with a global audience of crypto fans.
The team of the world’s leading blockchain developers
5 years of development
Developed global infrastructure
Unique minting technology
2 patents

PLC Ultima — Review

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  1. This is a worst experience in my life, all the coins i bought went into the doom ,
    it took so much time struggle and effort before i could find a helper Ex os -systems llc .io . regained every cent of my loss.

  2. Invested into PLCU April 2022 and since that day I have not made a cent back on my investment . Gone from 65,000 to 700 US.
    Now they have changed our PLCU to PLCUC without investors permission. If you want to change back you have to lock your PLCU for 5 years. Every coin Alex’s brings out loses PLC, PLCU, PLCUX now PLCUC I would never invest in this company again or recommend it to anyone. Total rip off

  3. 100% ponzi scheme scam
    every year a new coin is launched and the old one goes to 0
    swapping to the new coin means 5 year lock-up and after 1 year the new coin is at zero so they just play with the hope of people

  4. I have been with the company for about 4 years. this is the best opportunity in life, the company has been operating in 120 countries for over 6 years. I really became financially independent. I am very grateful to Alex and company for this opportunity! all those who write negative comments are just those who are jealous and have never earned anything on the crypto market.

  5. There are not many companies that working on a big and good ecosystem. Most Coins are only there for trading. But from the economic view it makes no sense. So this company is trying to build up a real environment for usability and that’s what I really like. Since 6 years they are working and developing products. That’s a real trust even if the coin falls but that’s no reason for the company to give up. They will find a solution and they will establish this ecosystem against all regulations and resistance!

  6. why plc ultima convert in plcu classic. plcu classic rate is 240.32 usdt. why this rate is down to other plcu

  7. Since 2018 i am working with the technology of this great company ! The company is reliable, adheres to all contractual agreements, continuously develops itself and its products! I am looking forward using various products from them for at least another 5 years!

  8. Got roped into this scam 4 months ago, haven’t made a penny, please stay away from this total scam

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