Trust Wallet — Review

Trust Wallet — Review


About Company:

TrustWallet wallet is designed for buying, selling, storing crypto money. Trust Wallet is the wallet of the Binance trading platform, so many users know the app in connection with trading activities.
The wallet developers report that they paid special attention to the security and confidentiality of client data. The program does not store any data other than the address. It is stated that no one, except the owner of the account, can log into your personal account or restore access to it if it is lost.
TrustWallet is based on a Web3 browser, which means that the wallet can be “embedded” in decentralized applications. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the program.
List of supported coins
The wallet works with the following cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC); Ethereum (ETH); Binance Coin (BNB); Litecoin (LTC); Ripple (XRP); Polkadot (DOT); Stellar (XLM); Dogecoin (DOGE); Smartchain (BNB); Dash (DASH); TRON (TRX); Tezos (XTZ); Cosmos (ATOM); Kava (KAVA).
To simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency from cards, Trust Wallet has set up work with an intermediary – Simplex. In your personal account in the purchase section, you can exchange from a card to an account through an intermediary. The developers report that the rate is as close as possible to the market at the moment.
How to use TrustWallet
Working with Trust Wallet begins with installing the platform and registering:
First you have to download the application on the official website of the company, in Playmaker or AppStore.
After installing the program, you need to click the “Create” button.
A 12-word passphrase will be generated for the user. It must be copied and stored in a safe place. It is important to write down this phrase! It will be needed to access the wallet, restore it in case of losing the password. However, the key must be kept secret.
Next, there will be a small system check – you need to put the keywords in the correct order.
Then the user enters the personal account. All available cryptocurrencies are not immediately displayed there. You need to choose the main currency of the wallet yourself.
In the settings there is an option “Wallets”. There, by clicking on the plus sign, you can create additional wallets.
To send or request a cryptocurrency, just click on its name on the main page. The program sends the user to a menu where the recipient’s address must be entered. You can also copy the code to receive funds there.
In the upper right part of the page there is a link to the current market data, the current exchange rate, trading volumes.
Trust Wallet limits and fees
Buying and selling cryptocurrency can be done by replenishing the wallet with a credit or debit card. Replenishment from the card will be suitable at the current exchange rate of the client bank. The transaction fee is 3.5% or $10, depending on the transfer amount.
There are limits on transactions:
The minimum transaction is $50.
No more than $20,000 per day.
No more than $50,000 per month per account.
If we talk about the time frame, then on average any transaction takes 10-30 minutes.
A feature of TrustWallet is that the platform does not require any personal data from the user, documents confirming his identity, etc. It is enough to download the program, install it and start working.
The wallet is distributed in various decentralized applications, it can be accessed by any gadget. This greatly simplifies the work, allows you to carry out operations faster.
The official website is available in 11 languages. The interface is understandable to users who have never dealt with online wallets before.
Before creating a Trust Wallet, it is important to read the reviews.

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Trust Wallet — Review

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Trust Wallet — Review”

  1. To big fees
    I make the transfer from my wallet to the different platforms and after I paid extremely high fee, the transfer was send to my wallet back , and supporting team said I send them the the wrong place. Scammers . Avoid to any cost !!!

  2. Im trying to contact support about coin sent to different wallet but never recieved even though it says success but just keep getting a reply saying troubleshoot or reply if you need assistance. Troubleshoot doesnt help and i must have replied to same email 15 times saying i need help but i jus keep getting same reply saying troubleshoot or reply for help. I would avoid using this wallet at all costs

  3. Total piece of sh&!!!!!!!!! Ask you to load picture of license you upload and then it ask you again never getting to a point you can actually buy anything total phishing SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! All the hype about coins shooting up not yet available on coinbase is all BULL& you can’t buy it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Use the free trial to do the maths. $0.4 per video, i.e. $1.2 per day(3videos).
    Then in 14days, 14×$1.2=$16.8.. and the minimum withdrawal is $20. So in other words, you must pay $39. And if u want to referral bonus, your referrals must have upgraded b4 u can earn 4rm their %. And who will willing upgrade in a platform where u that referred them is still in free mode?
    And if finally u decided to dash Dem the $39 for the 1st upgrade, it’s still not economically friendly…
    bottom line: TUNEGAGA IS A LEGAL SCAM. They are playing on our intelligence!!!

  5. Made a swap on Trust, gives token quantity swapped, but no dollar value! It gives receiving token quantity and dollar value, about 80% less of what should be received! Yet transaction fee is less than $4 — no indication of gas fees? So where did the missing value of the original token go??

  6. Trust Wallet a total scam.

    I was told by Trust I needed to buy a private key, to get access to my account. I paid the $300 for the private key, and then I was asked for another $500.

    That sounded like a scam to me. I have $6,000 trapped in the “Watch Only” wallet.

    The quickest I’ve been scammed ever!!!

  7. I woke up in the morning to find all my founds gone I went I talked to the support, of course they don’t respond to how this happened. How the money automatically turns I’m not activated dap and the password is written on the paper How this makes sense they are a liars and scammmmmmmmmmm and i send everything to prove that not sense but they never re.

  8. Had all my funds transferred out of my wallet without my authorisation. Didn’t even have my phone on me when this transaction was made. Tried to contact the support, and just keep receiving the reply;
    Your ticket has been closed.We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction.
    I believe the owner of this telephone number +44 7360 327981 is involved in setting up this scam and using ‘sunflower mining’ as he was very helpful when setting it all up and then once my money was stolen I was removed from the whats app group and he didn’t want to know. Although I do believe he is using several numbers so hopefully this review helps some others out!!

  9. From when Binance bought recently this wallet it becomes an untrusty and unworking wallet all the operations to buy, sell, receive and send becomes complicated when before were easy to do.

  10. Zero respect for its customers and have not offered to help in anyway after my fund was stolen. I started investing with acronscapital. c0m ever since then I’ve been having a smooth ride and their support is super swift.

  11. verdient 0 sterren. Ze laten je fee betalen naar een rekening, ze zeggen dat ze niks ontvangen en laten je opnieuw betalen. En ik moet zelf uitzoeken waar mijn geld heen is. Voelt echt aan als scam.

    It deservs 0 stars. They let you pay a fee to an account they don’t know about. Than they say they don’t receive it. They let you pay again and i have to search by myself where my money is. Feels like scam to me.

  12. I just thought to share my experience with other users. Losses happen in different ways. Sometimes, it could be losses, collapse of an exchange as we recently say with FTX or loss of wallet access. We are all prone to make these kinds of mistakes. The important thing is what we do to prevent it, the decisions we make after will either move us forward or hold us back. I would have lost my money to FTX collapse too, but thanks to CRYPTOCURRENCYINSURANCE (dot) IO for protecting me from losses.

  13. The support is anything but I have to say. Accessing via your mobile is impossible as there is no ‘create issue’ link to use. Just online messages that constantly say we haven’t heard from you in a while even though I update the issue time and again. My issue is staking DOT tokens. I have had no rewards in over two months of staking yet my XTZ comes in bi-monthly and BNB in regularly topped up. Support asked for a load of screenshots and data which were all provided plus follow u emails asking if they received them. No reply in 5 days. Simply not good enough, looks like I will remove my unrewarded DOT and stake them elsewhere.

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