European Auction Car Service Reviews

European Auction Car Service Reviews

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About company:

About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

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European Auction Car Service
European Auction Car Service

European Auction Car Service Reviews

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  1. with an installment plan, he made an initial payment of 40% of the cost for redemption, delivery and a promotional fee. The whole delivery process was kept up to date. Waited 28 days

  2. I want to thank European Auction Car Service. I recommend working with everyone, only with these guys, TESTED on myself!!!

  3. European Auction Car Service employees provided services for the purchase of a BMW X7 in Germany. As a result, I got exactly the car that I wanted to buy. Brand, model, equipment, fully correspond to my desires, there would be more such companies

  4. Hello! I am grateful to the European Auction Car Service company for the fact that I can drive a car that I could not afford to buy myself in Dubai! Porsche Panamera 2021 with 13.000km mileage new car condition! I paid 66,000 euros for it. Thanks!!

  5. In November I visited their office in Koblenz. After talking with the manager, showed what kind of car I want the company to buy at auction. Purchased on the same day. Helped to send to the UAE.

  6. I ordered the purchase and delivery of a car from the European Auction Car Service company from the auction. I can say that the whole transaction went perfectly. We bought a car and brought it to the city of Ajman in 29 days

  7. I thank the company for a convenient and most importantly honest way to buy a good car.

  8. The car that I paid for was exactly the one I got, so the auctions grew in my eyes. The company does quality work!

  9. I saw a Mercedes-Benz EQC400 on the website, the mileage was 1510km. Decided to make a purchase. Remotely signed a contract for redemption and delivery to Dubai. Paid 20.000€ of the cost of the car and delivery in the amount of 2500€. Happy with the car!

  10. They have nice prices. They quickly brought the car to the UAE from Germany, helped with registration. The car arrived at the port of Jeddah. Arrived the next day and registered with no problems. I recommend

  11. I learned about this company recently, a friend of mine accidentally told me and I became interested. Good cars exhibit and prices below market. bought a Mercedes-Benz EQS580 last month, the car was 2022 with 1400km mileage. I paid under the contract 40% of the cost, as I made out the purchase in installments for a year at 3% per year. Quickly delivered to Qatar in the city of Ad-Doha

  12. I plan to buy a car in the near future, so I’m looking closely. Here I liked the convenient functionality and simple navigation. The service itself delivers the car, which is a plus. The idea of ​​buying a car at an auction is quite interesting.

  13. I ordered a Porsche Cayenne. This is my first experience of buying a car from abroad. I doubted for a long time, read the reviews. As a result, I decided. Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thank you so much!

  14. I paid an advance for the redemption of only 30% of the cost of the car on the site, then everything was done without me, they drove it in 4 weeks.

  15. Remotely executed the contract, other documents and paid the first installment – 30%. Picked up the car after 29 days in his city. Happy with the car! Thank you

  16. I ordered a Land Rover Defender car from a European auction, I was satisfied with the car as well as the company’s services, respect guys!

  17. I consulted with the telegram manager, he told the process of buying a car in great detail, everything suited me. Signed a contract with the company for the purchase of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 with a mileage of 2.250km. 2022. Paid 18,000 euros and the purchase process began. On the same day, the car was auctioned off and shipped to the port of Casablanca in Morocco. Great service!

  18. Already ordered two cars through this company. Everything went great, thank you very much.

  19. Thank you company for the car! I always dreamed of a Land Rover Range Rover 4.4, 530hp, but I was afraid to buy a used car myself. As a result, this company is just a godsend for people like me. I just told what I want, what budget and that’s it. The guys did everything for me and helped me to register. I wish you success!

  20. I have used this company twice now! Twice I was satisfied with the result of cooperation.

  21. They didn’t cheat on the deadlines – it was very pleasing, as it is written in the contract, they brought the car in 29 days

  22. Long doubted, read the reviews. In the end, I made up my mind. Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thanks a lot!

  23. If in doubt, do not hesitate, the company works very efficiently and honestly. If everyone in United Arab Emirates worked like this, it would be cool! Respect to the company!

  24. Received the car, everything was exactly as promised. I did not pay more money than was stated at the stage of drawing up the contract. Thank you for my Mercedes-Benz GLS580!

  25. Yesterday they picked up a Mercedes-Benz S580, I myself was not at the unloading. Once again, I want to thank the whole team for the high-quality service))

  26. There were no problems at any stage. Thanks again and good luck with your business!

  27. I didn’t want to take rubbish, and there was little time to play with auctions, but I suddenly decided to have time, choosing this company, I did not lose! The manager of the company found the right car, bought it at an auction and exactly on time it was delivered to Ras el Khaimah and cleared through customs. Thank you)

  28. At the specified time in the contract, the car was in the port of Jeddah. No complaints. Thanks

  29. For a very long time I chose a car from the site chose a Mercedes-Benz S580 2022, mileage 850km. Paid in 2 installments. the first payment of 30% of the price of the car was 25,000 euros (as the contract was concluded), and the second payment upon delivery. I am satisfied with the car, as well as the delivery time, they did it in 27 days, well done.

  30. Bought a Mercedes-Benz G400 with 13.200km mileage. for 68.000 euros. Car prices in Germany are much lower than in Dubai.

  31. I read reviews about the work of the company and am ready to subscribe to all the positive ratings addressed to them! I was not deceived when I signed the contract and paid 30% of the price of the car, there were experiences, but they were in vain! I received the car, I’m happy with the car!

  32. Hello. I bought Bmw i7,2022, fully loaded. I ordered a car through this company, delivered to Saudi Arabia in the port of Jeddah quickly, in 4 weeks. Everything is great with the car.

  33. It was delivered to Qatar in 27 days and then by car transporter to the city of Hawalli. I only made an advance payment of 30% of the cost of my Porsche Panamera. Respect companies 👍🏻

  34. I ordered a Land Rover Range Rover from them. Brought in 2022 in excellent condition and in the maximum configuration. All terms and amounts were specified in the contract, the car came without delay. I paid 2500€ for shipping.

  35. Mercedes-Benz GLE53 2022, bought quickly, but delivery to my city, of course, had to wait. I paid 60.000€, well, and delivery to me 2500€ + clearance. I’m happy with the car.

  36. I am also absolutely satisfied with the work of this company – I had a million questions, I still ordered for the first time – they answered everything, told me everything in detail, every little thing, always on the phone, everything is always clear – on purchase, on payment, on delivery . The car has been with me for a month now – I just can’t convey the happiness!

  37. I chose for a long time who to contact, reviewed many companies wacko, re-read everything, asked all my friends who worked with whom – and chose them.good

  38. There is a channel on YouTube European Auction Car Service with reviews of cars – there you can see what cars they brought, how much they cost, decide. They made a review on mine – when she hadn’t had time to come to my city yet, I already watched her on YouTube!))))

  39. They worked great. I give my positive feedback! I’ll be back for another purchase soon!

  40. For future car owners – do not buy in the markets, buy at auctions – the deal will be honest, be sure – you will save money and nerves. Business success companies.

  41. For the first time I decided to buy a used car, and even from Europe without inspection. As a result, I got the car, while I’m happy with everything, for a couple of months no stocks got out.

  42. I studied companies that buy cars from auctions and deliver them to United Arab Emirates. In many companies, the conditions are very strange – 100% prepayment, waiting for a car for almost 3-4 months … I’m glad that I found this company for myself. a little more than 4 weeks delivered the car to Oman in the city of Muscat

  43. I was completely delighted, I bought a very decent car, at a nice price, and even within 28 days. BMW M8,2022,4.4 bought for 88 thousand euros.

  44. It’s great that the whole purchase was done remotely! Thanks to this company!

  45. Mercedes-Benz G500 2022 with a mileage of 2000km, on their website I saw a price of 75,000 euros, it suited me and I signed a contract with the company remotely, paid an advance payment of 30% of the total amount of the car and started to wait. Registration, delivery, registration the company is engaged in independently. Picked up the car after 29 days.

  46. I communicated via telegram with the manager, agreed and sent me a contract. I paid 40% of the cost of the car on their website. In the port of Jeddah, the car was picked up 29 days after the payment was made, and then it was delivered by car transporter to my city of Medina.

  47. A month ago, I contacted European Auction Car Service for help in buying and delivering a car from a German auction. The choice was left on the almost new Mercedes-Benz G63, with a mileage of 1.230km. I did not think for a long time and signed a contract with the company!

  48. Profitable bought a car for both Kuwait. Mercedes-Benz G63 2022 4.0 Petrol 3.300km. I bought for 130.000 euros. As he concluded the contract, he paid 39,000 for redemption at auction. All transfers were made through the crypto-exchange. Thanks for the car.

  49. Excellent service – provide a full translation of the auctioneer and photos of cars. Payment is clear. All under the contract.

  50. Buying a car from an auction with the help of this company did not cause any difficulties. I recommend!

  51. The car came in such a complete set as wanted. Mercedes-Benz EQ S450. I will continue to work with the company. I ADVISE.

  52. Thank you for helping us deliver the car. I advise you to contact the company, and not test your nerves and time in other companies !!!

  53. I contacted this company on a recommendation. Brought a great car. Everything turned out great. Good luck.

  54. We were very pleased with the cooperation, and next time we will definitely contact this company!

  55. If you want an honest European for yourself, then I advise this company. The car came within the stated time – 4 weeks, delivery from the company is paid – 2500 euros.

  56. Well done! Thanks a lot! I recommend! Logistics is up to the mark! They delivered my car to me in two weeks!

  57. Hello everyone, European Auction Car Service is a professional company. They bought me a Mercedes G63 with a mileage of 2580km. in perfect condition and set.

  58. I bought a car, everything is clear and understandable and in accordance with the agreements. The car has already been delivered, received with a full set of documents. Everything is great!

  59. 4 weeks after paying the remaining amount for the car, I left the port of Jebel Ali in a brand new Mercedes-Benz S400,2022,3.0 diesel. Mileage 5.308km. I bought a car for 77000 euros.

  60. I received the car 4 weeks after the purchase at the auction. Pretty fast delivery in my opinion.

  61. I bought a car and have never been so happy with my purchase! I know that I got excellent quality at an affordable price.

  62. It was delivered to Oman in 29 days and then by car transporter to the city of Muscat. Made only an advance payment of 30% of the cost of my Audi S7. Great company 👍🏻

  63. Took the car in installments, issued everything quickly. I paid an advance (40%), signed a contract for the supply of cars to Jordan. Delivery took 29 days. Work with him reliably!

  64. At the conclusion of the contract, an advance payment of 30% was paid. I paid the rest of the car when the car was ready to be loaded onto the ship and sent to me

  65. In the future, we plan to buy cars only from them. After all, here we have found the most favorable conditions. Too bad we didn’t contact them sooner.

  66. the guys did an excellent job and as a result, thanks to them, we bought a Jeep Wrangler 2022 6.4 Benzin. Discussed the car and the contract via telegram. good luck with your company and thanks!

  67. I learned about this company through the YouTube channel, where there were reviews of cars. I wish the European Auction Car Service company further prosperity, as well as good customers. Thank you guys!

  68. Bought Mercedes-Benz G400 2022 with 2100km mileage. through this company, the car cost 70,000 euros. All cost has been paid before shipping to Dubai.

  69. The company is honest. Transparent and the guys work openly. I bought a Mercedes-Benz G63,2023,4.0. Everything arrived like an auction. Waited 4 weeks. Thanks for the work you guys!!

  70. They sent me photos of my purchased car and transport documents. I made the final payment before sending her to Abu Dhabi. Paid by SWIFT transfer

  71. Everything remotely is everything is online! Found them on Instagram. Contacted them. Paid for the car. Picked up a great option. Bought a Mercedes-Benz G63. Delivered to UAE in Ed-Dammam.

  72. We bought a Mercedes-Benz G63. Price at mileage 2.650km. 130.000€ 2022. Not a car – but a whole house! The condition is just perfect, did not even expect, as if just from the salon.

  73. They brought Jebel Ali to the port quickly, took it out of the port myself! Thank you for the car, I wish you prosperity!

  74. Now I am the owner of a BMW m8. The car was taken out of the auction in Europe and delivered to the port for loading. I can recommend this company.

  75. I am completely satisfied with their work. I found a car on their site, dropped it off to the manager, signed a contract, paid an advance and bought it from an auction.

  76. Complete set of cars was more than I expected, super. I recommend the company to everyone!

  77. I have a Land Rover Range Rover 3.0, in the maximum configuration. I bought a car through this company, delivered quickly. The car has been in our family for six months, we drive often, everything is fine

  78. We signed a contract remotely, signed all the documents, sent an advance payment and after a short period of time I was notified that the car was bought, at that moment I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  79. I bought myself a BMW XM, there are no complaints about the car, everything is great! They know their job very well, they are professionals. They demonstrated full awareness of all issues related to cars and the nuances of making a purchase, they were constantly in touch, they were responsible for their work.

  80. 2The car was found very quickly and bought in three days. In KSA, the port of Jeddah was delivered in 26 days. There are no complaints about the condition – everything is as in the photo.

  81. All the conditions of the company are described on the website, plus everything can be clarified in the telegram chat. I paid an advance payment of only 30%, the rest of the amount after I was provided with transport documents for my car, the car stood and waited for loading onto the ship. The car came in 28 days, everything is perfect.

  82. Made an advance payment. The balance was paid when the car was ready to be loaded onto the ship and sent to me. In United Arab Emirates, the car was in the port 4 weeks after it was taken out of the auction.

  83. Bought at auction Mercedes S222. Thank you so much for a great car. The car is new

  84. Through the company I bought a BMW X6,2021,3.0, paid its cost immediately with the usdt cryptocurrency, all the characteristics were indicated in the auction list. As a result, the car in reality fully corresponds to the declared characteristics.

  85. I bought a Land Rover Defender from a European auction, I was satisfied with the car, as well as the company’s services, respect guys!

  86. Very pleased with the speed of delivery from Europe. It took only 4 weeks to have the car with me.

  87. I am glad that I was able to conclude a contract remotely, it saved me a lot of time and simplified the purchase process.

  88. The conclusion of the contract was very convenient, as I was able to do it remotely, without visiting the physical office.

  89. The condition of the car I received was just perfect. Salon and body completely satisfied all my expectations.

  90. I paid for the car only when I was provided with all the necessary transport documents and confirmation of readiness for loading onto the ship.

  91. It was very convenient and fast to pick up a car in the port of your city. I received it without any problem.

  92. I would like to thank the company for the excellent work on delivery and support of the transaction. They showed high professionalism at all stages.

  93. The car fully matched the description at the auction. I was pleasantly surprised to get what I expected and more!

  94. The company is responsible, I had a car on time, so I was satisfied with the cooperation. I contacted after the recommendation, I checked it myself.

  95. An excellent solution for companies that need a fleet of vehicles. I regularly buy cars here for work in the company,
    3-4 cars per year. Everything is fast, clear and at reasonable prices

  96. I signed an agreement remotely for the delivery of the selected vehicle and made an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the final cost of the car. Paid via SWIFT transfer. Delivery time – took only 3 weeks

  97. The stated deadlines were met, and the car’s cost remained unchanged. Payments were made as both advance and final payments in the USDT cryptocurrency. It turned out to be very convenient, without banking regulations and quick.

  98. My acquaintances recommended this company to me, and I decided to check the reviews. In the end, the car was purchased and delivered. I am satisfied with their service.

  99. In general, everything went well, and there were some questions regarding payment because initially, I wanted to use USDT cryptocurrency for the car payment (as we discussed earlier). However, in the end, it was decided that the payment for the car would be made via a SWIFT transfer.

  100. The whole process was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe and in accordance with the terms outlined in the contract. After confirming the availability of the car, I was provided with a contract, which I carefully reviewed and signed, after which I made an advance payment. The next day, the manager purchased the Porsche Panamera for me.

  101. Received professional support at every stage. Very satisfied with the cooperation. I recommend to everyone.

  102. My collaboration with the company in buying a car at an auction was more than satisfactory. Remote contract signing allowed me to complete the entire transaction without the need to visit a physical office. I received all the necessary documents and confirmations in a convenient format.

  103. Great company, they do everything quickly, both redemption and delivery. I sent them a contract with payment for the redemption of my Mercedes-Benz S580. Very convenient, I bought the car while in the apartment. Delivery took the company 29 days to the port of Jebel Ali

  104. I’m glad I turned here. Respect to all the employees of the company who helped in the purchase and design of my now Audi RSQ8, 2023, 4.0.

  105. I received the car, and I’m satisfied with it so far; it hasn’t shown any negatives in a couple of months. I paid in USDT, which turned out to be even more advantageous with a 7.5% discount.

  106. The quality of the car is the most important part; otherwise, there’s no point in buying at all. For myself and my family, only the best and most expensive. There’s no point in cutting corners on safety. Moreover, there’s an option to get premium cars for reasonable prices.

  107. Everything went very smoothly, and I would recommend this company to all my acquaintances!

  108. The loading report and transport documents helped me verify the quality of the car before paying the remaining amount for the car.

  109. The 30% down payment gave me confidence in the deal. I am very pleased with the contract and the car I received.

  110. Thanks to the company’s services, I was able to find and buy a car at an auto auction that fully meets my requirements. They helped organize documentation and check the car’s history for accidents and mileage.

  111. When buying the first car, I wanted to pick up a good car, so there was a long search for a company that buys cars from auctions. After reading the reviews, I realized that European Auction Car Service is the best company. The guys coped, bought and brought a great car. I recommend to everyone.

  112. Picked up my BMW i7 today. They bought the car in my name. I paid 2,500 euros for delivery to my city, the car itself 143000 euros. Great prices!

  113. On the advice of a friend, I turned to this company, which brought me a Mercedes AMG GT63 from the auction. I personally paid for the car at the SWIFT auction by transferring it in 2 stages. Advance payment and the remaining amount already before loading onto a container ship.

  114. Found them on instagram. Signed a contract. I paid for the car with a SWIFT transfer. For Mercedes-Benz EQ S450 paid 64000

  115. We found a Mercedes-Benz S450 at an auction in Europe with the help of a company. The car has already been received, and it’s a great car! We are going back soon for a new car.

  116. Their website offers a vast assortment of cars from different brands at very attractive prices. The delivery to Egypt from Europe took 29 days, and the delivery cost was 3000 euros. The car is fantastic.

  117. With a large selection of vehicles with auction listings, there is no doubt about the mileage and price.

  118. Hi, they delivered my LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT to the port in Saudi Arabia within 4 weeks.

  119. Satisfied with the purchase, like many others) Excellent company, honest, brought after a test drive PORSCHE 911,2022,3.8 1.238km. It cost less than ours at times) friends are also interested)

  120. Good afternoon. My name is Abdus Salam. This is the second time I contacted European Auction Car Service and my request was rather complicated. I needed a black Land Rover Range Rover Sport with a black interior. We found exactly what we wanted. Black interior, and even with a black ceiling. The car has been found. She had a good run of 1610km. The transfer went quickly. Thanks

  121. After reading reviews about them on the Internet, the reviews are good. Decided on the choice immediately, he knew what he wanted. Issued quickly, paid the entire cost immediately in USDT cryptocurrency, very convenient.

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