BitMEX — Review

BitMEX — Review


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The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is registered in the Seychelles and has been successfully operating on the market for over 5 years. Its daily trading turnover exceeds 3.5 billion US dollars. The site is designed for professional traders and is considered one of the best for margin trading. A distinctive feature of is that the maximum leverage for BTC is 1:100. Eight currencies are available for trading: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, cardano, EOS token, litecoin, tron and ripple. You will learn more about the site in our review. How to trade on BitMEX? Registration on the exchange To create a profile on the website, you only need to specify your first name, last name and email. A link will be sent to your email to complete the registration. Users are not required to verify by sending passport scans and proof of registration. Judging by the reviews, such loyalty does not affect the security of transactions and capital storage.

BitMEX — Review

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  1. ChargeBackGuaranteed are a very professional company and stayed with me every step of the way in helping me with the bank to get my money refunded.

  2. This is one of the best exchange platform network that exists, was created in 2014 in Hong Kong, and its main feature is the selection of assets. This platform is managed only by experienced professionals in the cryptocurrency exchange market, this exchange gives customers a low commission which makes this platform not the same as the competition.

  3. Just terrible and utterly pointless. The entire point of this “exchange” is to put people up against each other (zero sum game) while extracting fees and liquidations from them over time. Over time no one except the exchange wins. Check the growth of their ridiculous insurance fund if you do not believe me. Stay far, far away; don’t give these guys your BTC.

  4. This exchange is full of market manipulation and random site offline.. secret orders and what not!! A lot of lawsuits now against bitmex! Makes this a very unreliable exchange. Im not here to promote anything tho

  5. Bitcoin exchange providers are at the top of all exchange services, but nowadays, they decided to bring support to other well-known blockchains. From this way, the marketplace becomes a more reliable ecosystem by offering true equality.
    For this reason, the BitMEX exchange is another ideal site to consider. Although it is not the best network for trading, it will that necessary support that many new-users require when trading. Moreover, it has special sections for every token that is listed on the exchange. It is not difficult to use the exchange services. Users can follow the first steps offered by the official platform and analyze the regulations given for every cryptocurrency. It permits to go directly to the main window where users, after being registered, can choose what token to sell.
    The limits of tokens admitted are still one of the lowest of the market. Perhaps, for this reason is not a highly considered service. However, as I said the support it offers for the BTC token is essential. When writing about support, I mean attention to transactions, operativity, safety, and regulations for fees and commissions. Likewise, it offers low fee addition when making deposits on cryptos even if they are done from a credit card. This is something good and impressive as well.
    On the other hand, this exchange is yet to improve many things. One of them is the current platform, Although it is good for showing certain specifications, it is not totally completed. Secondly, it requires more additions to trade as well as more entries to trade with fiat money from different regions. Finally, the company promises to be an op n financial system, but their options are limited.
    In conclusion, BitMex is good for those traders just interested in trading Bitcoins, as well as some trading executed from BTC to Euro. The company will improve some of the most known issues. I recommend users to stick to the news and follow the project to consider more reliable options.

  6. Buying and promoting leverage is a part of that extrade that I cherished very much. After looking for the advice of an professional in shopping for and promoting, I become knowledgeable of the realizable advantages I must get from shopping for and promoting leverage. However, I am nonetheless monitoring it to peer the realizable sales so I can update my comments. No extrade may be perfect, consequently every extrade has a sure flaw in a completely unique manner or, at the contrary, one in every of the From this transformation they have become the interface of the individual, the interface of the individual of this transformation become regarded as worship the usage of number one and espresso applications in a nutshell, the interface wasn’t appealing in any respect at the start I did not sense snug having no pc considering that that is after I commenced the usage of Bitmex to shop for and promote it enables multiple cryptocurrency liquidity may be very appealing in transactions in which they’re typically very speedy on Bitmex, loss of availability of a mobile app characteristic is a chief disadvantage

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