Bull Fighters — Review

Bull Fighters — Review

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About company:

Forex authority in the cryptocurrency market

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders.

Bull Fighters history

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders. We are constantly working on the quality of Bull Fighters and working with experienced teams of traders from around the world. As a result of constant work on itself, Bull Fighters has become a fast growing company and a global trademark, which it is to this day.

Company vision

Time is the most expensive resource. And knowledge is strength and possibilities. Our mission is to effectively evaluate the time of our traders in the fast growing, flexible financial markets and use this time with the help of knowledge to the maximum benefit. Invest wisely. Our passion is to get the most out of our investment and improve our results every time.

Bull Fighters — Review

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2.9 based on 8 reviews

8 reviews to “Bull Fighters — Review”

  1. A year ago, I met this broker, and since then I have not had any problems with withdrawing money. I sincerely sympathize with those who suddenly face the problem of withdrawing their profits from trading. This is really a strong psychological blow, however, this is definitely not threatening me yet, because this dealing center has already proven that it works professionally and it withdraws money. The company was not noticed either by me or my colleagues in the trading department, in some kind of fraudulent activities and incomprehensible situations. Any withdrawal amount is always processed, money is sent quickly. On the weekends, however, there may be delays, for obvious reasons.
    This firm has a wide range of additional services, for example, a personal manager, effective analytics, competent trading signals. I used all this before, when I was not yet so confident in my trading abilities. The services helped me a lot in trading. Now I do without it, as I have grown as a trader, I have my own strategy, I have confidence and understanding of how to work.

  2. Bull Fighters does not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia, which means illegal activities in the Russian Federation. I don’t know why their site hasn’t been blocked yet, but I would like the regulator to block their site as soon as possible.

  3. The company has been on the market for over 10 years. Two, they have experienced professionals in the analytical and technical department. If there is any problem with the terminal, you can always contact the support and they will quickly help you solve the problem. I haven’t had a reason to apply yet, but I know several people who have been helped to solve problems very quickly.
    I’ve only been here for half a year, not to say that it’s a long time, but the firm and the quality of service for traders were immediately to my liking. Bull Fighters showed itself only on the positive side: competent support, prompt responses, stable withdrawal of funds, low commissions.
    I started with a demo, as soon as I got used to the terminal, interface, buttons, I immediately switched to real. I started right away with the standard tariff, I decided not to take the trial, as I was confident in the company. Market reviews, a senior broker helped both at the super start, and now they help to trade competently.
    I can make a profit here, so everything is fine.

  4. Let me tell you a secret, Bull Fighters is a fake broker. Well, as it were, it seems to be registered in England, but purely on paper. To make it easier than ever, the price of the issue is somewhere around $ 1,000.
    But note that the company does not have a license or a real physical office at all. The company lacks the main signs of a serious business. Also here it is worth adding a bunch of false information and other crap that they write on their website.

  5. For some reason, I can’t withdraw money from BullFighters, despite the fact that I didn’t violate anything, everything seems to be fine, verification is passed. At the same time, I did not take any bonuses, which could also be the reason for non-withdrawal. What is even stranger is the complete disregard for me by the company, or rather by their employees. Technical support does not answer me anything, neither by phone, nor by e-mail.
    I don’t know what to think about this office, everything, did it reject me or what? Is it a scam or is it just temporary problems that will be solved soon? Does anyone else have the same issue with a long withdrawal?
    My funds have been hanging on the withdrawal for more than a week, which is not normal. Moreover, I withdraw to the electronic system, and not through the bank, that is, the processing of the application should not be so long, and the money definitely should not go so long, everything should be fast.
    So here’s the bullshit. For those who want and plan to open an account here, I would recommend sitting on the demo for now and not investing real money, because it’s still a scam, and it’s better not to risk it.

  6. Hello. I’ll leave my review of Bull Fighters. The company is excellent, I say right away. It doesn’t smell like scam and never has. The company has been operating for several years, has already formed a solid base of regular customers, has a reputation, but as I see it, it is not in Runet. There are a lot of negative reviews about her here. And where does such a negative come from, who knows, because the broker is really top-notch, and offers quality services at a profitable level. My profit here has grown 1.5 times compared to the previous broker where I traded.

  7. I also didn’t see anything adequate in Bull Fighters. What could it mean? And the fact that you don’t need to climb here, since the office is 100% fraudulent with a probability. Firstly, there is no license here, although these swindlers fully assure that they work under the control of the FCA regulators, it’s only worth breaking through the office through the registers, as it turns out that there is not even a mention of this fake. Secondly, the pseudo-advantages that they share on the site. More than 90% of the information that you can read on the site of this scam is water, repetition and ranting of the same thing, and all the facts of supposedly cool security are unsupported by anything. The company has no insurance, also in the treasury of negative points. Thirdly, there is only a purchased registration in the UK, but the office has no other branches and offices. Well, in 10 years it was difficult to spread your geography over several more jurisdictions, thereby increasing your customer base? Where to increase it, the scam is purely online, without a real office. And secretly, the office has been operating for less than a year)

  8. Because of the trading signals supplied by this firm, I lost $300. And you know, I’m only glad that I didn’t replenish the deposit by more than $300. I thought that the signals would bring me a good profit, but it actually turned out to be a marketing ploy that I fell for. It is a pity that the money can no longer be returned, I would not make such a mistake. I hope that my review will help other people also not to make such mistakes.

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