CoinsBank — Review

CoinsBank — Review

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Crypto exchange CoinsBank comes from the UK, or to be more precise, from Edinburgh (Scotland). Previously, it functioned under the name BIT-X. The project was launched in April 2016. CoinsBank specializes in trading Bitcoin and several popular altcoins. Among the available fiats are the euro, British pounds, US dollar and Russian ruble. In addition, on this site you can purchase a prepaid card (prepaid card). The platform is not overloaded with functionality, so the site interface is simple and understandable. Access to trade is open to citizens from 197 countries. However, you will not find any other language other than English here. For greater convenience, mobile applications for IOS and Android have been developed.

CoinsBank — Review

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1.8 based on 5 reviews

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I think that the people who have given excellent rating to this company are frauds and/or associated with this company “Coinsbank”.
    Coinsbank is an extremely disgusting company with no regard for its customers. When I first deposited money in my account, and did my first transaction, they reversed the transaction without my consent or knowledge and even reverted the deposited money. And I had to incur heavy charges from my actual bank & coinsbank both the time.
    When I asked them what happened, they sad they want another document now, but this message was not sent to be, but was hiding in a deep corner of the account, which as a new user you will never see.
    Now that I want them to transfer my profits also, they say they will keep the profit for themselves and not refund the profits. So I asked them that would they have covered the loss, if I had made a loss?….to which they have not replied yet.
    I will urge all to not deal with them, as there are many other, better, trading companies out there who will not harass you and waste dozens of hour of your precious time.

  2. The service is at a very high level, an alert comes about every change in the status of the application. The application was processed in less than a minute. The exchanges are fast. The work of online support is beyond praise.

  3. Signed up in 2016 when inactivity fees didn’t apply, i come back to my account and i’ve been charged fees through terms of service that i hadn’t even agreed to.
    disgusting behaviour, i’d avoid storing any crpyto using them.. never know what fees they’ll add in future and make out its been in the terms all along.

  4. If you wanna have a SCAMMY experience, CoinsBank is your trading platform. In 1 year I lost all my coins as inactivity fees :))) they are a handful of bad whores

  5. Total scumbags ,I registered with these criminals and they got to download a app call anydesk on my laptop and phone and setup the trading site, then they said I needed to link my bank account to pay in or withdraw and this is when things got dirty, they went into my bank account and tried to steal all my ISA money and it was only by luck I put in a wrong number for my card otherwise everything would be gone. Still not got my £214 back that I unisherly put in .Total stammers stay away

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