Medco Finance Limited — Review

Medco Finance Limited — Review


Phone: +442030978900

Address: 15 St Botolph St, London EC3A 7BB, UK

Email: [email protected]

About Company:

Outstanding technologies

Our clients get perfect trading conditions, great liquidity and low spreads as well. We offer super efficient service with an emphasize on fast execution. Great attention paid to technologies allows Medco Finance Limited to stay ahead of the industry trends. We implement the latest technologies to provide our traders with experience and possibilities they won’t find elsewhere.

Our support does speak your language. We provide in-house live support in many different languages. Our goal is to offer both second to none trading experience and really effective customer support.

Our principles

Our clients are provided with most up-to-date trading platform to trade anytime they want.

At Medco Finance Limited we believe that our customers should have any tools for forex trading which successful traders need.

Our benefits

  • Low commission rates
  • Most efficient technology
  • Completely web-based terminal
  • Smart leverage options
  • Great selection of payment options, fast and reliable
  • Professional market analysis with most recent news

We provide transparent trading conditions to each and every client. Our goal is the success of our customers, so we provide the most customer centric service on the market.

Medco Finance Limited — Review

Image company: Medco Finance Limited — Review

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  1. It doesn’t seem to me that this is a safe place to store money and trade. First, the company is clearly unknown. I did not find anything about it in various forex ratings and reviews. Secondly, the office is clearly brand new, the domain is fresh, there is not so much information on the Internet, and it appeared quite recently. Thirdly, suspicions were raised by the fact that some sections of the site are only in Bulgarian, but it is not even in the section with languages. There is only English and Polish. Fourthly, I did not find anything about regulation and about whether this broker has licenses. Fifth, it is clear and quite obvious that this is a forex kitchen. Sixthly, the conditions are nowhere worse, the minimum deposit of 100 euros without cents is still okay, but there is no data about the demo account, there is no normal information about the trading platform. And what is the leverage here, and what is the size of the spreads, and in general, where is the table with the specification of contracts?

  2. There is no good reason to trust Medco Finance Limited. Reviews tell us that the withdrawal of funds from here does not work. I see on almost every site how people tell their story of a scam from this brokerage firm, where they are simply refused to withdraw money and are bred by all means. Seriously, stay the fuck away from this dummy.

  3. Somehow, I didn’t immediately understand what kind of dealing center was in front of me, it would seem, quite a good site, and the company’s manager was responsive, he told me everything in detail. They also promised me full assistance and assistance during the investment, they provided me with a personal mentor who helped me invest in Forex. The process lasted quite a long time, and the money was not bad, until at one point I needed to withdraw part of the profit. In general, the process of payments to me was constantly delayed and dissuaded from doing it, which was suspicious, but I did not pay full attention to it. That’s when, having left the application, no one considered it, and nothing happened, and over time, the account was completely taken and blocked for no apparent reason.

  4. Found some interesting information about Medco Finance Limited. Previously, as I understand it, they had a British address in London in their contacts, and if you try to google this brokerage firm in the registries of England, you can find this office there. But it’s not what you see in front of you, on this site it’s just a fake that stole and appropriated its name and legal data. So, now there is an address in the USA. That is, the scammers changed their address, perhaps in order to somehow throw off all sorts of suspicions, and so that people would not at all suspect something was wrong. By the way, about the address in the USA, the state of Colorado, the city of Boulder – in this country, a company like this one, offering high leverage and CFD contracts, simply cannot theoretically exist, because this implies a clear conflict of interest. After all, if suddenly traders start earning, then the office will lose money, and of course, traders cannot earn more money than the total amount was contributed to this kitchen. So offices like Medco Finance Limited are banned in the US, as they often work against their clients, which means they violate the laws. Therefore, nothing good can be expected from Medco Finance Limited. Most likely, this company is not even real, well, you should not trade here.

  5. In fact, there is not much information about this brokerage company. It took me a lot of time, and even more effort, to understand everything in general, how the broker’s system actually works. In the end, I didn’t really like what I learned and after that I realized that it’s better to write a small message in general for people who want to open a trading account here so that no one gets into an unpleasant situation. To begin with, this broker has been operating in general for only a few months, that is, since 2022, of course, they do not have any licenses and documents. In addition, such a company does not exist abroad, it is very stupid to contact this broker, no one will pay you money at all.

  6. Withdrawal does not work in Medco Finance Limited, forget about this charm… not only I checked, but also all the others who trusted this scam broker… and yes, unfortunately, you can’t return the money…

  7. Not so long ago I registered on their website and tried to start working here, what was my surprise when a mentor began to help me trade and this began to bring me a lot of money. Only now I was persuaded not to withdraw anything from here, but on the contrary, to invest money into the account in order to invest it correctly. This went on for a long time, and I already thought that I really made a fortune, but when it came time to receive my payments, the problems began. At that moment, no one got in touch, the money could not be withdrawn from here. Then it dawned on me how much I got into trouble and since that time I don’t mess with trading at all

  8. The company is fake, I guarantee you that. And be careful if you suddenly want to google reviews about medco finance limited, because the office is clearly seen in the promotion of positive reviews

  9. This is my second broker, and here again there was a mistake. I came here because I liked the trading conditions, I liked that the company is from the USA, as I thought it was safe and definitely reliable. However, the fact that the company operates without regulation did not bother me for some reason. But I confess, in general, I actually only recently learned about such a way of earning as trading on currency pairs, and of other financial instruments, so I also wanted to try to work, so that in the future I would switch only to trading and earn only from it, not to be employed. That’s just the second time I chose a broker, and the second time by, because the money is frozen again and for some reason is not withdrawn. I invested 400 euros here by opening a minimum account type. This money, as it were, was allocated for testing the company. Having tested the company, I came to the conclusion that the conditions at Medko Finance Limited do not suit me, which means that I need to withdraw money, look for another intermediary. I applied for a withdrawal, that’s all. Now nothing is happening. By the way, their phones don’t work, and they don’t answer my emails. I can’t even contact this company. It’s been like this for two weeks. The previous broker had a similar situation. Is it possible that almost all companies in the forex industry are fierce scammers who do not even allow you to make a conclusion? So I climbed here in vain, without having studied this whole office from A to Z. I don’t advise everyone else to get in here, you yourself know why, the office doesn’t withdraw money and that’s it, for the life of me.

  10. In all honesty this platform should be avoided by all means. The level of incompetence here is alarming. Do not be fooled. For enlightenment on how to redirect funds from this platform or cases of income withheld you can easily do so by checking with spacetelcapital as they assist with situations like this.

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