Munro Financial Planners — Review

Munro Financial Planners — Review


Phone: +442081573800

Address: 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Munro Financial Planners Limited has been providing online trading services for currencies, commodities, stocks and CFDs since 2012 for traders of different countries. Our company’s goal is to provide the most competitive service for customers from all over the World. We are constantly working on developing our products and providing the best conditions for traders while observing all strict financial rules. The company aims to provide clients with tools for permanent self-development and invests in support, training and analytical tools.

Munro Financial Planners — Review

Image company: Munro Financial Planners — Review

3.9 based on 7 reviews

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  1. I have nothing bad to say about this brokerage company. It looks like an excellent broker and very profitable – that’s what I thought before opening an account, when I first met Munro Financial Planners. In general, I expected something not very good, that the platform would hang, that there would be some problems. But these expectations never materialized. The platform works great, the site also functions normally all the time. I did not communicate with the call center staff, there was no need, so I will not comment on this moment. But I can comment on the moment with the withdrawal of funds. It works great and stable. They don’t charge commissions, they don’t ask questions, everything goes like clockwork.

  2. I had no problems with trading through this brokerage office, and not once in six months. The terminal works stably, always, even at the moment of increased volatility. Recently, there was a publication of the US Federal Reserve rate, and so, no lags, when all the instruments stupidly flew back and forth. Similar terminals would have died from lags long ago, but not the Munro Financial Planners terminal. In other moments, too, everything is fine. I like working here.

  3. The execution is really instantaneous, or as it is popular to say – lightning fast. Withdrawal of funds is done promptly, you do not need to wait long, though due to the weekend it may be delayed. In general, working with the company is convenient and comfortable. There are no lags, nothing freezes. And to start trading, it generally takes 10 minutes, and you are ready to trade. Open an account, send the docks for verification, enter the platform, graphically can customize something for yourself – that’s all. Well, yes, replenish the deposit, the funds are quickly credited, I made a transfer through the crypt, after 5 minutes the balance was already 500 dollars.
    Now I have an account for $ 3,000, but I often withdraw profits, I need it for life. On average, I can’t say how much I withdraw, it’s always different. But in total he has already withdrawn more than $ 4,000 from here. So, as you can see, the withdrawal of funds works, and very well.

  4. It is safe to work with this company. The broker has been operating for a long time, this is a serious business, and for the sake of scam people, they definitely will not destroy their business.
    You must understand that this is a real intermediary who earns from the commissions that customers pay. That’s all. Munro is really interested in ensuring that clients at least do not lose money, but rather make money. So the company will be more profitable.

  5. The company is great! I just started working with them and I see what a professional broker they are and how they treat new clients. They sent me several training materials, helped me with advice on how to get started in trading in order to gain experience to the maximum and work out to the maximum, to fill my hand. It all really helps.
    I recently started working with Munro Financial Planners, so I can’t boast about the millions I have earned yet. But I think that in the future I will definitely leave a review about how much I managed to earn, how much I was able to withdraw, and so on.
    The working terminal is really easy to learn and understand. Nothing complicated. Using them is simple and clear. If I can begin to understand it, then you can too. In general, the broker is cool, I recommend.

  6. Это наглые воры. А все положительные отзывы они пишут себе сами. Если свяжитесь с ними останетесь без копейки денег. Они будут пытаться только отобрать. О выводе денег даже и речи быть не может. Деньги работают только в одну сторону им в карман

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