Notary Savchenko Natalya Borisovna reviews

Notary Savchenko Natalya Borisovna reviews

Moscow notary Natalya Borisovna Savchenko will thoroughly explain your rights and obligations, warn you about the consequences of notarial actions, so that legal ignorance will not be used to your detriment by anyone.
Professional activity of notary Savchenko N.B. insured by the insurance company AlfaStrakhovanie, which in itself is an additional guarantee of the notary’s property liability to the client.
The notary is located near the Savelovskaya or Maryina Roshcha metro stations. Employees of the notary office will provide assistance to individuals and legal entities in exercising their rights and protecting legitimate interests.
In our notary office you can carry out all types of notarial actions, as well as receive the necessary assistance in solving any problems and issues related to documents requiring notarization. If you wish, you can reduce the time you spend in the notary’s office.

Walk-in appointments available by appointment
individual approach
Services for individuals and legal entities
Payment for services by bank transfer (for legal entities)
Assistance in solving any problems and issues related to documents requiring notarization
In case of difficulties with visiting our notary office, it is possible for a notary to come to your office or home
We work on Saturdays and holidays

8 (495) 651-81-49
Moscow, st. Sushchevsky Val, building 14/22, building 4, entrance 1
Notary Savchenko Natalya Borisovna reviews

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  1. Encountering this notary service was an unparalleled disaster, leaving me with legal troubles due to critical errors in my documents. I wholeheartedly advise steering clear of this service, as my experience with them was unforgettable and regrettable. The errors they made not only resulted in legal complications but also created a lasting negative impression that is best avoided at all costs.

  2. My notary experience with this service was completely and utterly unacceptable. The slow service, lack of expertise, and the complete mess with my documents made it a terrible and infuriating ordeal. The overall experience was a far cry from the professionalism and efficiency one would expect from a reputable notary service.

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