Notary yakushevskaya Irina Ivanovna reviews

Notary yakushevskaya Irina Ivanovna reviews

Basic services:
Placement of information on Fedresurs
Real estate transactions
Certificate of transactions with the shares of LLC, including Options
Providing evidence, including Inspection of the Internet pages, e -mail, etc.
Registration of inheritance rights
Power of attorney, consent and obligations – any kind
The acceptance of monetary amounts and securities in a deposit
Performing executive inscriptions
Submission of documents for state registration of legal entities. Faces and IP
Certificate of facts
Certificate of will
Certificate of equivalent of documents
Evidence of fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them
Certificate of authenticity of the signature of the translation
Evidence of the authenticity of the signature
Registration of notifications about the pledge of movable property
Certificate of a decision of the management body of a legal entity
Certificate of a decision of the only participant in a legal entity
Curling of notarial actions due to the increase in the authorized capital of limited liability company
Certificate of electronic notarial documents (powers of attorney, consent, etc.) with PEP (simple electronic signature) of the applicant

Why choose us:
High speed of preparation of documents
The translation bureau is in the immediate vicinity of the notary
The notary office is conveniently located on the 1st Brestskaya Street, the Belorusskaya metro station is located in walking distance
Two types of queues: “live” and by preliminary record
You can send documents by e -mail, for their preliminary preparation
Work with individuals and legal entities
Convenient forms of payment: in cash, bank card and non -cash payment
The notary produces exits to the office and at home

8 (495) 605-20-17
Moscow, st. 1st Brestskaya, d. 62
Notary yakushevskaya Irina Ivanovna reviews

Image company: Notary yakushevskaya Irina Ivanovna reviews

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2 reviews to “Notary yakushevskaya Irina Ivanovna reviews”

  1. This notary service proved to be nothing short of a disaster, characterized by incompetence and frequent delays that left me with a chaotic mess of paperwork and even led to legal issues. The unequivocal advice I can offer to others is to avoid this service at all costs. The combination of incompetence and delays created a situation that was not only frustrating but also had serious legal implications, making it imperative to steer clear of their services.

  2. Considering this notary service is strongly discouraged, as they proved to be an embarrassment to the entire profession. Their errors in documents not only tarnished their reputation but also caused significant problems that could have been easily avoided. Staying away from this notary is imperative to prevent unnecessary complications.

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