“INDOM” positions itself as a company with professionals who have extensive experience in the field of international real estate. They offer a wide range of properties for sale, including apartments, townhouses, cottages, villas, land plots, islands, hotels, cafes, restaurants, income-generating buildings, industrial, office, and retail premises, as well as various investment projects and businesses.

Services Offered by “INDOM”

“INDOM” provides services for the search, selection, and sale of residential and commercial real estate, investment projects, and businesses. The company also helps in selecting construction companies for building projects for clients, consults on the purchase of real estate abroad, offers legal support at all stages of the transaction, and provides consultations on immigration and residence permits. Additionally, they organize business tours for property viewings and consultations directly in the country.

Beginning of Cooperation with “INDOM”

We contacted the agency “INDOM” to select several property options abroad. From the very beginning, we were promised that all properties would be thoroughly checked and fully meet our requirements. However, the reality was far from such a rosy picture.

Delayed Transaction Process

The process of concluding a deal was significantly delayed despite the previously agreed deadlines. Every step took longer than we were promised, causing us significant concern. We expected prompt work and quick deal completion, but our expectations were not met.

Incorrect Documentation

One of the most serious problems was incorrect documentation. This caused significant legal issues, requiring additional time and money to resolve. We expected the agency specialists to ensure the correct and timely preparation of all necessary documents, but this was not the case.

High Commissions and Unsuitable Properties

The agent we worked with recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs. It seemed that the agent’s main goal was to get the maximum profit rather than satisfying our requests. This led to even greater disappointment with the agency.

Lack of Attention to the Client

“INDOM” showed insufficient attention to our needs. Feedback was almost non-existent, and the agents were not sufficiently involved in the transaction process. We expected a professional approach and constant interaction but faced complete ignorance of our questions and requests.

Refusal to Correct Mistakes

After all these problems, the agency refused to correct their mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. We spent a lot of time and money but did not receive quality service. This was the last straw, after which our trust in the agency was completely lost.

Overall Disappointment with “INDOM”

We are extremely dissatisfied with the work of the “INDOM” real estate agency and cannot recommend it to others. Their promises turned out to be empty words, and the service was extremely low. If you plan to seek their help in buying property, be prepared for possible problems and inconveniences.

Unjustified Expectations

Our experience with “INDOM” showed that the company does not meet stated expectations and does not provide an appropriate level of service. We spent a lot of time and money solving problems that should have been resolved by the agency. In the end, we were left with disappointment and dissatisfaction.

“INDOM” failed to provide quality service and broke their promises at every stage of cooperation. We strongly recommend potential clients to be cautious and thoroughly check all offers and services before turning to this agency.

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Moscow, Tverskaya st., building 22A, office 41

10 thoughts on “Bad experience with the real estate agency “INDOM” in Moscow”
  1. We contacted the INDOM agency with confidence in their professionalism and efficiency. However, the transaction process dragged on for several months, despite the pre-agreed deadlines. This caused us a lot of inconvenience and ruined all our plans. As a result, we lost a lot of time and never achieved any results.

  2. One of the most serious problems was the incorrect execution of documents. This caused significant legal complications and additional costs. We expected that the agency’s specialists would ensure the correct and timely execution of all documents, but this turned out to be far from reality.

  3. The INDOM agents completely ignored our needs and wishes. We were constantly offered properties that did not meet our requirements, which created the impression that we were not being listened to at all. This led to huge disappointment and loss of confidence in the agency.

  4. The agent recommended us a property with high commissions that did not meet our needs at all. It seemed that their main goal was to make money from us, and not to help us find suitable real estate. It was extremely unpleasant and unprofessional.

  5. It was almost impossible to contact INDOM agents. They ignored our calls and emails, leaving us in the dark throughout the entire transaction process. This level of service is completely unacceptable for a company that claims to care about its customers.

  6. The agents did not show enough attention to our questions and concerns. They were clearly not involved in the transaction process and were not willing to help us resolve the difficulties that arose. This showed their complete indifference and lack of professionalism.

  7. When problems arose with paperwork, the agency refused to correct its mistakes. They offered neither compensation nor a more competent specialist. This showed their complete unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions and care about their customers.

  8. Organizing trips to view the sites was a nightmare. Constant delays, confusion with dates and meeting places – all this created the impression of complete chaos and lack of professionalism. We were very disappointed with the quality of this service.

  9. We approached INDOM with high expectations based on their promises and advertising. However, the reality turned out to be far from the stated standards. We spent a lot of time and money, but never received quality service.

  10. After the deal was completed, the agency completely stopped supporting us. All our questions and problems remained unanswered, and we were left alone with the difficulties that arose. This showed their complete indifference and lack of concern for clients after the transaction was concluded.

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