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2 thoughts on “ROBALDEX REVIEW”
  1. Such an absurdity to be honest… You make a deposit, and they require some other fabulous amount in order to confirm the account! Conditionally, I bring in 4k greens, and they demand more mowers! What else is this??? And the dumbest thing is that until you deposit this amount, all actions on the platform remain blocked.

  2. Robaldex is a clone of a cryptocurrency exchange. All quotes are fake. This site is a template and a snag. Traders here will never make a profit, as scammers immediately take the money for themselves. Therefore, take care of the coins and do not give them access to them. But if it so happened that you fell into a trap, I can only sympathize with you and strongly recommend contacting lawyers … From myself, I can share the contact of really smart guys

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