Huobi — Review

Huobi — Review


Phone: +7 (999) 768-68-28

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 6, p.2

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Begin your virtual asset journey

Create your Huobi account to earn exciting welcome rewards

Leading Crypto Trading Platform

A wide array of crypto trading and management services to satisfy diverse trading needs

World-Class Security & Risk Management System

All-round protection of user asset with our offline storage, multi-factor encryption, and 24/7 security monitoring

Trusted Choice for Millions of Users

Dedicated local service centers in numerous regions and countries around the world, creating a unified blockchain ecosystem for a variety of business lines

Huobi — Review

Image company: Huobi — Review

1.3 based on 9 reviews

9 reviews to “Huobi — Review”

  1. Registration was not smooth online, could not even login after getting verification code using website registration steps.. received code, but there is no field to enter code only own created password. I will believe reviews below and step back from this doggy service. thanks.

  2. Joined exchange, registered, passed KYC, and wanted to pass conditions to get 170$
    But got an error(my country not allowed) But my country is allowed, Supports says sorry we can’t help you! Thanks for best experience

  3. Huobi will spam you messages to your phone number and you cant do anything with it. Deleting account made hard way.

  4. After using them for more than one year, suddenly they frize my account? I have to send them my Picture holding my ID 3x my last transaction to them from another account and my Bank statement of the transaction, – my account is still frozen (2 WEEKS)?? Now I have to give them 3-time slots on 3 different days 2 different times a day, where they video call me, I have no clue when in these 3 days they will call? THIS IS RIDICULOUS, not customer service, if I ever can transfer my assets?? I WILL LEAVE!!

  5. – Easily overwhelm beginner as they have a lot of functionality
    – Not easy to use as beginner, suitable for advance traders
    – Good UI/UX and support

  6. When I was registering, the page said I could get 700 USDT as a reward. There was no FAQ on the page to clarify whether it was giving real USDT or useless fee deduction coupons. After I registered, what I got was some useless fee deduction coupons.

    The next day I received an email saying that I could get shib rewards through trading. So I topped up 200 USDT and completed the transaction, I got 40000 shib, but I couldn’t move them to the spot account, the page said I had to earn the equivalent of 20 USDT to do so. This is a scam company that will only deceive you over and over again. Please stay away from this liar!

  7. I have been scammed by a company called Bitech Max who are now trading as Robertson Rayner and after two traces I find my funds and others are being deposited by them to Huobi. In fact in one day in Jasnuary 2023 the scammers deposited 2 million USDT in one transaction. I have been in contact with Huobi with lots of evidence in fact damning evidence and Huobi have said they cant do anything for me without a binding court order which is disgusting as Huobi are facilitating criminals by laundering their stolen crypto. I reached out to Huobi over five days ago to receive a response today saying about the court order. I want my stolen crypto returned as its with Huobi and Huobi should stop facilitating criminals if evidence is produced or at least they should look into it properly but like most things these days profit and greed is before morals! I am in a desperate situation as it was my life savings/pension that was stolen.

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