Stex — Review

Stex — Review

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The first thing you need to pay attention to when reviewing this cryptocurrency exchange is the specifics of the site in the digital ecosystem. According to analysts, bitcoin is losing ground. Altcoins are created using slightly different technologies, which helps them actively compete with bitcoin. The Stex cryptocurrency exchange focuses on this fact. The company was founded in 2017. Its main office is located in Tallinn (Estonia). Today, the Stex cryptocurrency exchange is a field of activity for 300,000 traders. The interface of the official site is simple and decorated in dark colors. There are many tools to work with, including 400 currency pairs. Official site – translated into 11 languages (including Russian, Thai and Vietnamese). According to reviews, after registering on the site, the desired interface option is connected automatically. By the way, the cryptocurrency exchange has many points of contact with the Asian financial market.

Stex — Review

Image company: Stex — Review

3.7 based on 12 reviews

12 reviews to “Stex — Review”

  1. Excellent, specially their support team.
    they respond quickly and solve the problem also very quickly

  2. Excelent Fast Withdrawals everytime only waht i wish is to make favorite Coins but thats cosmetics.
    i used Stex know by 2-3 Months for NBX Coins Trading and .. Thumbs up 😉

  3. STEX is so awesome! I bought bitcoins a few times from them to invest in and everything was just perfect. Thanks!

  4. For me it is a good exchange. I don’t know why people complain. Probably lot of people complain about SUM coin. But they need to read the FAQ about SUM. The App is really good. Fast and easy trading.

  5. Unclear site and app. Offers are half the value and untransparant. Support only on line available and the do not help. Stay away.

  6. This exchange website is trash. They are thiefs.High fees and too bad service.I don’t recommend anyone to use this website

  7. Worst crypto exchange ever…

    This exchange has no liquidity at all, and they increase the price as they execute your order, in addition to it all they list all the sh@*t coins that no one has ever heard of, wants or are worth investing in. Contacted their support, a vague and brief reply was received. Contacted support again and no one bothered to respond. The entire interface is slow and amateurish, it does not reflect the market price, it is extremely hard to place an order because it will not go through. Deposited $250 worth BTC by the end of it all I ended up with $120 worth of DOGEC tokens which turned out to be absolutely the worst scam token I have ever purchase. So stay away from crypto exchange and DOGE Cash token (DOGEC) unless you want to lose your funds.

  8. Everytime i need to trade with bitcoinZ , stex is the best , low fees and fast deposit /withdrawals , never got a problem .
    Support is working and they answer in couple of hours.

  9. Trading a lot on this exchange. The App works very good. I see a lot of bad reactions. But i think people who are not satisfied complain very fast. 5 stars for Stex!

  10. Stole my ethereum meta,
    At first, I tried to sign in but the site would nit accept my authenticator codes. I contacted support and after a while, I got in, to realise my 2.9 mil in ethereum meta is gone. 123 USD in ethereum meta and it is gone…
    Just taken from my account, all I have there is 1.60 usd in ethereum. I opened a ticket with support and will await their response, which I believe will be lacking…
    It is a scam. They need shutting down…They state when you sign up that you need a fractal id to verify your account and the steps keep repeating. You reach the end and you never get verified, and I signed up November 2021 and in April 2022, my ethm is gone and I am still yet to be verified…
    Scam….Stay away from StexExchange….
    Thing is, I took a picture of the transaction when I moved the ethereum to my STEX account and purchased the ethm with it..

  11. Mining trading no problems fees perfect withdraw deposit will recommend it too all traders and miners

  12. Really like this exchange. Trade at STEX for a long time and never had any issues. Easy to use and trade. Has awesome interface and pretty good app. Stopped my choice at STEX.

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